8 Tips To Choose The Right Pool Builder

Now that you have decided to make that leap and invest in that dreamy swimming pool you have always wanted - it is time to ensure that you hire a highly trustworthy, competent, and capable pool builder. 

Well, choosing the right pool builder is not really an easy task. Since the construction of pools requires a major investment, you wouldn’t want to risk it! So, let’s have a look at these 8 tips that you must consider to make a careful choice!

Find a Certified Pool Contractor

Certified Pool Contractor

Ensure to check the credentials of your pool builder, first! Just because the builder has several completed projects doesn’t mean you don’t check the certification. So, you must specifically ask for a CBP certification of the staff members just to ensure that they have gone through extensive testing and training.

Ask For Referrals

Ask your pool builder for customer satisfaction reviews and references! You can even go ahead and check out a couple of constructed pools from their portfolio. Also, you must get in touch with their previous clients to know more about their experience, before as well as after the sale!

Avoid Huge Down Payment

In general, a builder shouldn’t ask for a down payment of more than 10% before commencing work. So, in case they’re asking for a higher up-front value, that could be a potential sign of a struggling business. So, beware of these little signs that convey a bigger picture!

Check For Right Tools and Materials

Check For Right Tools and Materials

One of the best pool builders invests in quality tools and materials to construct the pool. Well, the latest technologies can eventually save you ample time and money. And that’s why you must check with your builder regarding the efficiency of his tools and the materials he plans to use, including the installation of pool tiles.

Avoid Quickly Signing Contract

It’s a red flag if your pool builder wants to sign a contract in the very first meeting. Don’t make it a deal-breaker and feel pressured. Rather confirm and reconfirm your requirements along with your expectations for the project! Lastly, stay cautious with the pool builders who’re reading to start with the construction right away! Even though it sounds convenient, it can be slightly risky!

Check Affiliations

It’s beneficial if your pool builder shares associations with renowned organizations and professionals. For instance, a notable example of a trade association is The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (ASPS). This is just to confirm a sense of trust, loyalty, and potential business ethics with the company.

Ask About Insurance

Ask About Insurance

It’s a must that you ask your contractor about his insurance company. If your builder responds spontaneously with a sense of affirmation - there’s something lesser to worry about. Else, you must be cautious about his reactions. Find out if your prospective pool builder has general liability insurance and Workman's Compensation insurance to cover any expenses that may arise with subcontractors.

Opt for Clear Communication

Clear communication and transparency should definitely be preached. So, in case you have any questions regarding the job - you must go ahead and state those to the contractor. If your pool builder fails to answer - it’s a clear sign!

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