Tips To Choose The Right Kitchen Tiles

A kitchen is the heart of a home and also one of the busiest spaces to deal with. Decorating this dedicated space may be quite a fun yet daunting task due to obvious reasons. The aesthetics of the kitchen are primary and so are the maintenance, durability, practicality, and utility. And when considering these aspects, one of the foremost features is the flooring of a kitchen. 

Apart from commendable appearance, the kitchen flooring also demands easy maintenance, anti-slip characteristics, usage and durability, size, and shape of the kitchen, and longevity. In this article, we will discuss these few tips to choose the right kitchen floor tiles for your home. 

Consider the Size & Shape of the Kitchen

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Talking illusions, it’s important that you consider the size and shape of your kitchen before finalizing the size of the floor tiles. Of course, you wouldn’t want to make the space look crammed up with tiny tiles or too empty with excessively large format tiles, right? 

Generally, it's ideal to choose solid-hued and no patterned large tiles for smaller kitchens or open-plan kitchen spaces to avoid the space looking busy. On the other hand, for larger kitchens, you can experiment with floor tiles that have more details or patterns to them for making the space appear occupied.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Tiles


Since the kitchen is where you intend to prepare, cook, and enjoy your meals - there is a lot of front and back work involved. Moreover, cleanliness and hygiene should be the topmost priority in this space. And considering that, you must choose something that is easy to wipe off and doesn’t stain easily.

Sometimes, food and water may spill off on the floor and that’s why the kitchen floor tiles should possess special anti-skid characteristics to avoid slipping or sliding. The tiles could have a textured surface to easily hold the grip at all times!

Go for Durability

durable patterned-floor-tiles

Since the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home, it’s ideal to choose floor tiles that are durable and offer longevity. Generally, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles must be chosen over natural wood tiles and other tiles that don't have resistance to fading, discoloration, and staining. 

All you need is a tile that can easily withstand everyday wear and tear without needing to be renovated in shorter spans.

Keep an Eye on the Color Palette

kitchen patterned porcelain tiles

Choosing lighter or darker tiles for the floors depends upon the overall color palette of your kitchen. You must consider the color of the cabinetry, the backsplash tile, and the kitchen wall color. So, are you looking to head toward the monochromatic direction or something contrasting?

Although keep in mind to choose a lighter color for smaller spaces or darker-hued kitchen cabinets. Else, a darker-colored tile for larger spaces or lighter-hued kitchen cabinets.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen floor tiles - we hope this article helped you every inch! If you’re looking for the right kitchen tiles for your home - browse from our collections or simply get in touch with one of our professionals to know more.

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