The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Fireplace Tiles

Most upcoming homes with a fireplace have a typical white MDF that’s quite intriguing, modern, and sculptural but also quite common. If you’re looking to stand out and specifically add a traditional or contemporary touch to your home - let the fireplace tiles play an elegant factor. Depending upon the style of your home you should determine the design and the color of the tiles. 

Tiles with neutral hues and minimal patterns tend to exhibit a modern factor and tiles with busy patterns can be a definite product of the traditional style. Generally, installing fireplace tiles is equally fun and an easy upgrade for DIY homeowners. Remember, a fireplace tile will not only add a visual punch but also make it an easier project for installation with little mortar required. We have elaborated a few pointers on what to note when choosing fireplace tiles for your home! Let’s have a look. 

4 Considerations When Choosing Fireplace Tiles

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Some of the popular materials to consider for your fireplace tiles are porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, quartz, and metal. These materials are quite durable and have the potential to withstand extremely high temperatures. If you’re looking for the best tile type, I highly recommend that you choose porcelain since it’s also fire-resistant and can absorb the heat without transferring it to the other surrounding areas. 

Consider the Grout

Generally, many homeowners tend to ignore the aspect of grout and its colors - but in fact, it’s one of the most important. Grout has the potential to make or break the appearance and aesthetics of your tiles. Hence, a lighter grout is ideal if you’re looking to make a bold statement on the tiles, else a darker grout to highlight the pattern. 


What’s your overall budget for the project? Generally, your fireplace area doesn’t require a ton of square footage so you can consider a high-end-looking tile. Even if you prefer a cheaper one, all you need is to ensure extreme durability, strength, and resistance against heat.

Man-Made Vs Natural Tiles

There’s no best when it comes to choosing man-made or natural tiles for your fireplace space. The only factor that differs is the appearance of the tile - so, if you’re looking to achieve a high-end look - natural materials for tiles are recommended! Instances such as slate, marble, travertine, or granite work the best here. However, you must note that natural tiles can be slightly more expensive than man-made tiles.


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At Mineral Tiles, we have a wide array of fireplace tile designs to complement any color palette and design style. From subway to basketweave, penny round to mosaic - we’ve got you all covered! Just simply choose the ‘filters’ on the left and you’ll be showcased our absolute variety of beautiful fireplace tiles. In case you need assistance with choosing the best fireplace tiles - get in touch with one of our team professionals and we’ll be there to assist you! 

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