7 Zellige Tile Designs

Decorating with zellige tiles can be quite fun! With an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures - these tiles truly are one-of-a-kind, distinctive, and out-of-the-box. They’re all singularly unique and can exhibit a bold, quirky, and eccentric statement in any space. Perfectly ‘imperfect’, the zellige tiles are hand-molded and not every tile is the same. Hence, a trendy yet natural choice for any bold interior setup!

At Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of Zellige tile designs in various shapes, hues, sizes, and textures. Excited to have a look and start digging into some ideas for your home? Well, have a look at these 7 Zellige tile designs.

Petite Ville Olive Subway Tile

Bright, saturated, and enchanting - these zellige olive subway tiles from Petite Ville Collection exhibit a bold, organic, and classy look. This Spanish porcelain tile has a glossy finish with a wavy surface and a unique shade and tone in every tile to make it stand out in every aspect!

Persia Dark Gray Subway Tile

Looking to go bold but not bright? Well, this subdued and muted Dark Gray Subway Tile from Persia Collection will ultimately add a touch of drama and visual interest. These tiles can be used on the kitchen backsplash or even on shower areas and bathroom walls

Colorclay Hexagon Aquamarine Tile

This Moroccan-inspired tile is truly stunning and eccentric. The bold and bright aquamarine color tile with a notable hexagon shape can break the monotony and create a visual contrast. This is a high-quality ceramic glossy tile with a subtle wavy texture and a vibrant vibe from the ColorClay Collection.

Petite Terra Subway Tile

Bringing the warm hues of the fall season, this Terra Subway Tile from Petite Ville Tile Collection can make a remarkable appearance in most design styles. It will create a bold and dominating appeal, especially when paired with white cabinets in the kitchen or a white, rust, and mustard vanity in the bathroom.

Dark Blue Farmhouse Subway Tile

Especially for Farmhouse and Coastal Interior Design Style, this dark blue subway tile can truly bring the ultimate nautical vibe. Its handcrafted appeal, uneven surface, and glossy finish create an easy-to-decorate wall tile ideal only for the interiors of your home. Yes! This tile from Farmhouse Tile Collection can definitely make an accent.

Persia White Subway Tile

Sophisticated, timeless, and elegant - the white subway tile from Persia Tile Collection can make your space appear airy and bright. So, if you’re not looking to go bold and are looking to choose a Moroccan-style tile in a white base for cabinets - this Persian tile is something to watch out for.

Coastal Glazed Ceramic Tile

This blue glazed ceramic tile from the Coastal Glazed Ceramic Tile Collection can make a bold accent on the featured wall, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash, shower area, and fireplace surround. This tile is inspired by the architecture and lifestyle of the French small towns alongside the Mediterranean Sea. Its handcrafted appeal and uneven surface combined with its glossy finish create an easy-to-decorate wall tile.

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