5 Tiles For Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian interiors are carefree, relaxed, quirky, breezy, and also quite chirpy and enchanting! There’s just one rule when decorating with boho style - well, there’s no rule! Feel free to introduce a large variety of layered textures, woven materials, indoor plants, multiple-colored fabrics, and more. Boho also loves various intriguing patterns and intricate prints and geometric shapes! 

So, if you’re looking to pick the best tiles that match your boho vibe, you’re at the right spot! In this article, we have handpicked 5 tiles for boho interiors that can simply work seamlessly and exorbitantly! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the aesthetics of these tile ideas!

Ethnic Porcelain Tile

1- porcelain tile

A beautiful patterned tile showcasing the hues of light blue, greige, and cream - this Ethnic Patterned Porcelain tile is a great way to add energy to your boho homes. The repetitive pattern is noteworthy and can add a sense of visual interest and movement to any laid-back space. Yes! Can be used in your kitchen as well as the bathroom.

This matte finish tile is quite durable and impervious to liquids and vapors. Moreover, it’s also resistant to fading, discoloration, and staining.

Cement Patterned Porcelain Tile

2- cement porcelain tile

Looking to add a fun and quirky element to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen? Well, this Cement Look Porcelain Tile is all you need to revive a sense of joy and rejuvenation in the room. Available in 8x8, this Italian porcelain tile can be used for various applications such as kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower area, fireplace, and featured wall.

And let’s not ignore the tiles that already hold the hues of boho! Yes, we’re talking rust, charcoal gray, and blue-green.

Herb Porcelain Tile

3- Herb porcelain tile

Boho loves the use of greens in a space! Rosemary, Basil, and more! This Herb Patterned Porcelain Tile, when used repeatedly, can create the utmost enchanting appeal. These tiles break the monotony of a monochromatic backdrop and further introduce a touch of visual interest and dynamism in a space. 

Showcasing an earthy and organic feel, this tile is quite inspired by the hues of beige, brown, taupe, green-gray, and warm gray. Add throw pillows in similar colors for the best appeal!

Arched Porcelain Tile

4- arched patterned tile

Not just the kitchen backsplash and bathroom floors, but these boho-inspired tiles can truly make a statement on the featured walls as well. The blend of an intriguing pattern with multiple hues can beautifully create a calming, rejuvenating, and relaxing backdrop in any living room, family room, or even bedroom.

For a perfect boho appeal, add throw pillows and other fabrics in various patterns and colors to achieve a carefree vibe.

Jazz Porcelain Tile

5- jazz patterned porcelain tile

Don’t want to overwhelm the space with multiple hues on the flooring? Well, in that case, simply choose these black and white patterned jazz tiles to subtle down the space and yet play boho and eclectic. You can further choose to style these tiles in a continuous pattern or break-through solid black porcelain tiles. 

This tile will not just work indoors but even your boho-inspired outdoors such as a balcony or a patio.

So, are you ready to spruce up your boho backdrops? Well, which tile intrigued you the most? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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