10 Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A colorful backsplash can make your kitchen feel bright, energetic, and enthusiastic. It’s an easy way to freshen the vibe of a kitchen space without a complete renovation. For interior design styles such as coastal beach house, Eclectic, Glam, Grandmillenial, Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian - colorful kitchens have always been in trend. In this article, we have handpicked our favorite colorful kitchens with backsplash tiles that you can definitely consider for your home. Have a look!

Peach Backsplash Tiles

1- peach backsplash tiles

Looking for a slightly feminine yet characteristic look in your kitchen? Well, these peach subway tiles can make a perfect soft and subtle statement. With a glossy finish and an earthy feel - this tile also pairs well with white, gray, or black cabinets.

Multicolored Patterned Tiles

2- multicolored paatterned tiles

You can either choose a solid-hued tile or something patterned! This multicolored patterned tile can beautifully pair with navy blue or white cabinets without overpowering the room. However, it has a matte finish and must be regularly cleaned so the stains don’t adhere to the tile.

Plum Glossy Tiles

3- plum backsplash tiles

To make your kitchen feel bold, moody, and dramatic - styling with plum backsplash tiles wouldn’t be a bad idea. These slide subway tiles can create an eye-catchy accent and add the utmost ‘wow’ factor. Pairs well with stainless steel fixtures and hardware!

Modern Patterned Porcelain Tiles

4- modern patterned porcelain tiles

This colorful kitchen idea is quite earthy, joyful, and yet stunning! One-of-a-kind, stylish, and multi-hued - these modern patterned porcelain backsplash tiles can make a beautiful appearance in the bohemian, Eclectic, and Cottagecore interior design styles. 

Teal Backsplash Tiles

5- teal backsplash tiles

When adding color to the kitchen, backsplash holds an important eye-catchy element. Moreover, another styling element that we simply can’t miss is the layout of the tiles! Here, the English Bond pattern of the tiles play quite classic and sophisticated. 

Multicolor Mosaic Tiles

6- multicolor mosaic tiles

Looking to ultimately transform the vibe of your kitchen? Well, this Colorful Cubes Mosaic tile is simply beyond words. Composed of colorful glass and plastic squares, this backsplash tile is also quite easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Dual-Toned Backsplash Tiles

7- dual-toned kitchens

Especially if you love to experiment and style, the combination of pink and gray ceramic wall tiles will definitely play fun-loving and eccentric. This combination on the backsplash will pair best with white, gray, clay, pink, or creamy kitchen cabinets.

Pink Slide Tiles

8- pink slide tiles

At Mineral Tiles, we have a wide array of slide subway colorful tiles available for the kitchen backsplash. Another beautiful color is flamingo pink which pairs well with white, navy blue, gray, and black kitchen cabinets. They’re glossy and can be styled in herringbone or chevron pattern.

Coastal Patterned Tiles

9- coastal patterned tiles

Especially for a beach house, Coastal farmhouse, or coastal grandmother-type interior design style - these blue, gray, and off-white inspired backsplash tiles will definitely create a calming touch. They definitely add color to the kitchen without overwhelming the space!

Organic Style Subway Tiles

10- organic blue tiles

The wavy surface and matte finish are what add an organic look to the kitchen backsplash. And this subway blue tile will definitely help create the look! It can pair well with white oak cabinets or even cabinets painted in white, light gray, or beige!

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