Tiles For Any Style: 5 Ideas

Don’t have a particular style to decorate around? Maybe you’re confused with the style and color choices and simply want to go for a timeless appeal. Well, in that case, have a read through this article as we will be showcasing 5 best tile ideas that work one for all. Whether minimalist or mid-century modern, these tiles are quite versatile and can best complement any interior design style and color palette. Moreover, these tiles are quite close to ‘luxury’ and are also known to exude calmness and joy. 

The Beauty of Warm Neutrals

1- warm tiles

This warm Magnolia Subway Tile is a true product of timelessness, versatility, and calming aesthetics. Regardless of the interior design style, this tile will easily work in your home without overwhelming it. These tiles can be used on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, and shower areas, or even the feature walls of your living or dining space.

Warm, bright, and tranquil - these tiles will reflect the incoming natural light and make your room feel airier and larger.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

2- terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo has been ruling the interior design industry for years and years now. Not only is this material sustainable but also aesthetically appealing, timeless, and extremely sophisticated. This White Porcelain Terrazzo Tile is believed to do wonders on the bathroom floors and walls, kitchen floors, and also the flooring of your bedrooms and common areas.

Well, it’s never a bad idea to help your planet heal! Moreover, this tile will always add a touch of quirkiness to the space as well.

Step into Luxury with Brass Tiles

3- brass tiles

Another tile type that suits one for all is the brass tiles! If the Inlay black brass tiles are slightly dominating for you, try styling with the white marble and brass tiles for a luxe and rejuvenating appeal. These tiles must be regularly cleaned and can’t be used in the high moisture-prone areas of your home. Yes! You must use these tiles on the feature walls and avoid styling these tiles in the shower areas. 

These tiles pair beautifully with satin brass hardware, lighting fixtures, artwork frames, and furniture frames.

Introduce Carrara Hexagon Tiles

4- carrara hexagon tiles

Another tile that will work for all interior design styles is the Carrara Hexagon tile. This tile can be used for kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor and wall, and even exteriors such as patio and other spaces. The classic white hue on the tile defines the utmost serenity that can be easily paired with any interior design style and color palette.

With this wall and floor tile, you can even style it with other hexagon tiles in a hue like navy blue and black to create a sharp contrast! 

Style with Deco Egg Distressed Tile

deco egg tile

One-of-a-kind, eccentric, and extremely timeless, the deco egg tile can work with almost any style and decor. Whether you plan to use it on the feature wall or the bathroom, this luxe tile idea will work for your home as long as you choose a warm-toned palette.

Oozing a touch of warmth, this timeless tile will always make your space feel airy, large, and sophisticated.

Ready to transform your space with these above-mentioned timeless tiles? Feel free to get in touch with one of our professionals to help you choose the best tile for your home. Or, explore even more sophisticated spaces on our Room Gallery and Instagram!

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