Tips to Buy the Bathroom Tile

Choosing the best bathroom tile can be quite a challenge! There are a few considerations, do’s and don’ts, and endless materials, looks, installation methods, and characteristics. Of course, you’re in need of a tile that looks flabbergasting and is also durable and easy to maintain. In this guide, we will discuss the best tips and tricks to choose the best possible bathroom tile for your space.

From choosing the ideal tile size to tile colors, tile finishes, appearance, style, and grout details - the considerations are quite a few and not to be ignored. So, before you pick that perfect bathroom tile, sit down and make a list of all these below-mentioned considerations.

Consider the Tile Size

tile size

Consider the overall area of your bathroom concerning the bathroom tile size! Whether you’re picking the tile for the shower area or the bathroom itself, remember the size of the tiles can largely create a sense of illusion. Larger tiles can make your bathroom feel airy! Meanwhile, choose smaller tiles for shower floor areas since they can offer better grip and avoid slipping!

Choose Tile Colors

At Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of bathroom wall and floor tiles in various colors to easily complement your style and decor. You can choose from whites, blues, greens, pink, mauves, black, beige, and much more. Always remember that lighter-toned tiles will help your small bathroom appear larger. Meanwhile, choose medium to darker-toned hues for larger bathrooms!

Let’s Talk Finish

tile finish

The tiles can have a glossy, matte, textured, brush, or mirror finish. Depending upon the usability - choose the ideal finish to offer the best of both worlds. Generally, you must choose a glossy finish for the bathroom walls since they’re quite easy to clean. So, all the moisture and dust collected on the walls are simply a wipe-away! On the other hand, avoid glossy on bathroom floors and rather pick a matte finish tile that is slip-resistant

Consider Grout Color and Thickness

subway tile

So, now that you’ve picked the perfect bathroom tile to go, just simply choose a grout color that easily complements and does not contradict. Choosing the best grout color is as important as choosing the tile color. Generally, a dark grout color can make your tiles stand out and meanwhile, lighter colors can easily blend and create a unified experience. Also, choose a grout color that takes cues from the existing tile colors to embrace cohesiveness. 

Don’t Forget the Style

Now here’s where you need to consider the interior design style. So, you need to determine whether you prefer a modern or traditional look. Choosing sleek tiles with neutral hues define a contemporary and modern style whereas bolder colors can easily relate to traditional or glam-style looks. Don’t forget to check out some intriguing tile looks on our website here - Tile looks.

So, did this guideline bring you an inch closer to choosing the best possible tile for your bathroom? Well, even though it can be challenging - it will always be fun! Do you have any questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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