Painted Waters Collection: Introduce A Vintage-Inspired Look

Do you admire the low-key, muted, and subdued look of the tiles? Well, if glam and glossy is not your style - you might as well have your eyes on this antique-looking Painted Waters Porcelain Pool Tile Collection. They feel rough and rugged - and that’s why they make a wonderful statement in the high moisture-prone areas and wet corners of your home.

Mimicking the various textures and shades of ocean water, this timeless tile collection is absolutely awe-inspiring and worthy to incorporate! So, let’s have a look at these 3 gorgeous tile designs to spruce up your home.

Blue Porcelain Tile

Painted Waters Collection: Introduce A Vintage-Inspired Look

A perfect blend of blue and rust - the beautiful tile collection comes in a 6 x 6 size and is comparatively easy to maintain and take care of. It has a solid and durable antique surface that’s also impervious and can resist fading, discoloration, or staining. Furthermore, the tile can be used for the wall as well as floor applications in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, bathroom shower area, indoor feature wall, and kitchen backsplash.

This tile can withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions - and can last for a very long time. And it’s bound to exhibit a cool, desirable, and chilly appearance (especially in coastal-style homes).

Reef Porcelain Tile

Painted Waters Collection: Introduce A Vintage-Inspired Look

A blend of dark blue, sky blue, and beige - this vintage-inspired tile has a rustic appearance to give your space a perfect touch of timelessness and versatility. Not a mainstream blue but rather a vintage blend, this tile combination will never go out of style and will always give a sense of depth and character to the horizontal and vertical panorama of your space.

Moreover, this tile is quite easy to install and can definitely make a focal statement in the swimming pool, outdoor and indoor feature walls, as well as bathroom and kitchen backsplash. And let’s not ignore - the beauty of these tiles is simply beyond a mere, old-school porcelain tile.

Turquoise Porcelain Tile

Painted Waters Collection: Introduce A Vintage-Inspired Look

Turquoise is a beautiful shade of blue and green that can create an utmost eye-catchy and stunning appeal. And yes, that is what makes this hue a number one option to mimic the beauty of waters. You must also know that this color is quite a common one for indoor and outdoor tile applications. The homeowners and interior designers absolutely love it!

Furthermore, it’s frost-proof and is quite easy to install. Also, don’t worry about maintaining it - since it's already stain and water-resistant. Doesn’t that make a great reason to incorporate the tile? Also, it’s not subjected to fading or discoloration!

Summing It Up

If you’re bored of an old-school, glossy porcelain tile - it’s time to have an eye on this latest vintage collection. It’s unique and distinctive - which equally gives your space a sense of eccentricity and versatility. The blue in these tiles will make your space appear protruded and stunning. If you still think these are not modern enough and you want something that reflects underwater, look for pool glass tiles as an alternative. So, which particular tile intrigued you the most? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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