Recycled Iridescent Glass Tiles for outdoor kitchen, pool, and spa

It’s time to think outside the box and transform the outdoor setting into a unique haven. The trendy and latest, eco-friendly recycled glass tile collection tends to exhibit a charming and majestic look. The multi-faceted iridescent recycled glass tiles expose distinctiveness and make the outdoor space look soothing and tranquilizing than ever.

Eco-friendly and sustainable, this tile collection can be used for wet and dry applications such as outdoor kitchen, shower, bathroom, spa, and swimming pool. Since it’s made of post-consumer content, it makes a great investment in your home - thus, also helping the planet heal. Moreover, it comes in a wide array of colors and sizes to complement one and all kinds of functions and styles. So, let’s have a look at these 6 types of iridescent glass tiles to have an eye on!

Recycled Hexagon Aqua Tile

Looking for a simple and subtle touch in your swimming pool? This hexagon aqua tile has a lighter textured surface and is impervious to liquids and resistant to stains and fading. It can be placed along the pool waterline or throughout the perimeter to create a wave-like and dynamic experience. 

Black Brick Glass Tile

If you’re looking to upgrade the interiors or exteriors with something multi-hued and unique, you must incorporate this brick tile to flaunt off a sense of movement. It’s suitable for dry as well as wet applications and can make a vivid statement in the pools, shower areas, kitchen backsplash, and even Jacuzzis. 

Silver Brick Glass Tile

If the multi-hued tile is too overwhelming for you - you might as well choose a subtle balance. A balance that fosters a sense of equilibrium - thus, to help give your space a modern and contemporary appeal. With a symmetrical placement of silver and blue tiles, this combination will undeniably make a great statement. 

Blue Hexagon Iridescent Tile

Sharing synonyms with vibrancy and vividness, the various shades of blues and purples create an eye-catchy appeal. They symbolize ocean waves in a way that perfectly creates a stunning pool waterline perimeter. Also, the hexagons tend to add depth and movement to the overall space. 

Grey Hexagon Iridescent Tile

Perfect for a timeless vintage appeal, the iridescent glass tile plays a perfect soothing statement. Since it’s lighter, it tends to reflect away the incoming natural light to create a sense of airiness and spaciousness. You can also place them creatively and play with those various hexagons.

Recycled Silver Glass Tile

Last, but not the least, the silver and bluish-gray hexagon-shaped tile add an intriguing pattern to make the space appear dynamic. Whether it’s the swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, shower, bathroom, or kitchen backsplash - this eco-friendly combination is a must-have to try!

Summing It Up

The latest Eco Waters Collection is beyond mere aesthetics. The subtle finish of these outdoor kitchen, and pool glass tiles makes a fabulous backdrop in the indoor as well as outdoor application - and meanwhile, offers a durable, unique, and firm base. 

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