Everything You Need To Know About White Tile Dark Grout Combination

White tiles are classy, elegant, timeless, and sophisticated. Quite a popular option for the bathrooms and kitchen backsplash, the white tiles will always prove to be versatile. From subway tiles to mosaic tiles, choosing dark colors grout will definitely make your white tile stand out! In this article, I have briefed everything you need to know about this classic duo, pros and cons along with some design ideas. So, let’s have a look!

Pros of White Tile Dark Grout Combination

  • Timeless and Classic Appearance: As mentioned earlier, the white tile dark grout combination is classic and will never fade away. Whether you have a transitional style or a modern farmhouse, the white tile black grout combination will work one for all. Even with a variety of kitchen cabinet colors or bathroom fixture finishes this duo should prove to be a versatile one.

  • Makes the Tile Stand Out: Looking to flaunt the style and appearance of your white tile? Well, the black or grey grout line will help protrude the shape of the tile! Whether you’re looking to style a hexagon tile or penny round tiles , these grout lines will showcase the beautiful pattern created.

  • Create an Accent, Affordably: The black grout lines will help create the ultimate luxe appeal, without breaking the bank. The visual contrast created with the juxtaposition of black and white will ultimately pay you off in the long run.
  • Cons of White Tile Dark Grout Combination

  • Not Ideal for Smaller Spaces: In smaller spaces, the white tile black grout combination can create a haphazard look. The pattern can tend to make your space feel smaller. Hence, it’s recommended to choose a white grout white tile combination to make the space feel larger.

  • Difficult to DIY: It is quite difficult to DIY the white tile and dark grout combination. Well, you need an eye for detail and only a professional may be able to best install the backsplash.

  • The Black Grout may Fade: The black grout may not look as fresh as it does, on the first day of installment. Because the grout is porous, it may tend to fade away, over the coming period of years.
  • Design Ideas For White Tile Dark Grout Combination

    • Embrace the Subway Style

    subway tile

    If you like the classic New York subway-style pattern on the kitchen backsplash or bathroom, this inspiration, indeed, is something to look forward to. This is a versatile and timeless way to style the shaker or even modern cabinets. In the bathroom, extend the tiles up to the ceiling to make the space feel large and enhanced.

    • Style the Picket Tiles

    picket tiles

    Bored of the old-school rectangular tiles? Well, why not style it with these white picket tiles? The grey grout lines will further enhance the shape of the tile and make it stand out!

    • Add Elegance with Hexagon Tiles

    hexagon tiles

    Another beautiful combination is white hexagon tiles and gray grout. Creating a bold and visually contrasting appeal, isn’t this combination so flabbergasting?

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