6 Stunning Jewel-Toned Spaces

All that glitters is gold! Isn’t it? Well, chic and shiny, glamorous and sleek - the brass finish has always proved to be ‘rich’ and ‘elegant’ in the interior design industry. Homeowners often tend to add accents of gold to make their space feel royal and splendor. And a classic way to achieve a jewel-toned space is by incorporating the brass tiles as an accent on the floors as well as walls. 

At Mineral Tiles, there are a wide array of brass tiles that you can decorate with. Whether it’s the bathroom vanity wall, shower area, kitchen backsplash, or living room accent wall - these 6 jewel-toned spaces are definitely something to take inspiration from. Have a look!

Brass Chevron-Tiled Bathroom

1- brass tiles bathroom

Bring in luxury and elegance to your bathroom with these bespoke inlay brass chevron tiles! You can choose to create an accent on the shower area or the vanity wall and let the remaining walls be simply painted. The combination of premium natural stone and brass is what adds the ‘wow’ factor to the room.

Gold Black Pyramid-Tiled Fireplace Wall

2- brass tile living room

The gold and black pyramids add the utmost depth and dimension to your space. Whether it’s the living room fireplace wall or the dining room accent wall - this inlay tile is bound to grab the most attention. And don’t forget, the touch of gold is what adds the statement of luxe and royalty to the room.

Brass Hexagon-Tiled Floor

3- brass tiles in home

Not just the walls, but these jewel-toned tiles have the potential to make a rich and timeless statement on the floors as well. This classic bathroom design showcases elegance through gold-tinted tiles on the floor as well as the hardware and mirror frame.

Brass Triangle-Tiled Shower Area

4- gold brass wall tiles

Oozing the utmost luxury and royalty, the inlay brass triangle tile tends to add an accent to the shower area. When paired with touches of brass on the sanitary fixtures, hardware, and lighting fixtures - the overall result is even more classic and timeless. 

Black and Gold Chevron Tiles

5- black chevron tiles

How much gold is too much gold? Well, this bathroom design displays a beautiful accent with chevron black and gold tiles in the shower area. When paired with natural stone tiles, tinges of brass on hardware, and sanitary fixtures - the overall result is bound to be flawless.

Black and Gold Hexagon Tiles

6- kitchen backsplash tiles

Not just restricted to the bathroom, these inlay brass tiles have the potential to create a stunning appearance in the kitchen as well. Especially on the kitchen backsplash, these black and gold hexagon tiles tend to create a bold and dramatic look. You can choose to pair with the white or even beige upper and lower cabinets.

So, are you inspired by these above-mentioned 6 jewel-toned spaces? Apart from the brass tiles, you can even make use of the natural stone tiles to add much-needed luxury and royalty! You can find more inspiration on our website and Instagram page! Do follow and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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