5 Best Luxury Tile Ideas

You don’t always need to add natural stone to make the space feel luxurious and rich. In some cases, tiles can equally play a phenomenal role in making a space look splendor, opulent, and over-the-top! In general, monochromatic bathrooms are timeless and also tend to ooze a touch of serenity and royalty. Tints and tones of neutral hues such as gray, beige, greige, cream, and black tend to make a luxurious statement. You can either play with different shades of the same family or go for an all-in-one theme! Excited to check out some luxurious tiles by Mineral Tiles? Well, have a look below.

Subway Potter Tile

1- subway potter tile

Apply these greige potter subway tiles from ceiling to floor and observe the tranquility and richness! Yes, you can further choose to pair these contemporary tiles with either matte black sanitary fixtures or other black metallic and stone accents. Add white oak or pine wood in the form of floating shelves and flooring to further complete the organic look.

However, you must allow ample natural light to enter this space at all times. Else, it may come off lightly dull and dingy.

Washed Bianco Porcelain Tile

2- washed bianco porcelain tile

Isn’t this open-concept living space absolutely breathtaking and stunning? Well, the chevron pattern created by the Washed Bianco Porcelain Tile is what captures the utmost beauty and timelessness. Breaking the monotony of all creamy walls, this flooring can be best paired with organic furniture in tones of cream, greige, beige, brown, and black. 

Moreover, don’t forget to add touches of metallic black in the form of lighting fixtures, artwork frames, and furniture frames for a unified look.

Distressed Deco Egg Tile

3- distressed beige deco egg tile

Isn’t this deco egg tile absolutely unique and out-of-the-box? Well, this Italian porcelain tile has a glossy finish with a concave wavy surface and a dominant distressed look. It tends to create a sense of illusion while making a space feel bright and airy. You can choose to style this luxury tile as a kitchen backsplash, on the feature walls, and even on bathroom walls.

This luxurious tile pairs beautifully with rose gold or copper finish on the hardware and other metallic finishes.

Picket Gold Tile

This luxurious tile has a wavy surface and metallic finish that can create a subtle aesthetic and an elegant appearance. Its elongated and picket hexagonal shape can be explored in any design setting, such as kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower, and feature walls. Avoid this tile on the floor and use it only on the walls.

Furthermore, you can pair this tile with satin brass or matte black hardware and metallic finishes.

Distressed Glossy White Tile

5- distressed glossy white tiles

Admire a monochromatic look? Well, apply this distressed glossy white tile all the way from ceiling to floor. It will enhance your space, make it feel larger and airier, and also add a touch of luxury and royalty. This tile can best pair with touches of satin brass, copper, matte black, or even rose gold. Avoid satin chrome to go! Secondly, it’s easy to clean and can be easily wiped off using a damp cloth!

So, which luxury tile idea intrigued you the most? Well, let us know in the comments below!

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