What is Iridescent Glass Tile?
Before you choose an iridescent glass tile for your next project – either for a kitchen backsplash, swimming pool, or bathroom, make sure to understand what are the proprieties of such material.
The main characteristic of iridescent glass tiles – iridescence is also known as goniochromism, is that they appear to change color depending on the angle of view or illumination. A soap bubble is a classic example of an iridescence effect.

Iridescent glass tiles, especially in the form of mosaic tile, can be used in many applications, however, the brighter the room is, more the iridescence effect will play into the design. That is why this type of tiles is commonly used to cover swimming pools, some showers, and backsplashes where natural light is abundant.

Once you have decided to use iridescent glass tile, make sure to choose the color and size that fits better with your project. Also, consider ordering sample swatches before committing to purchase large quantities, since it is hard to represent their right color on a picture.

Mixed with other finishes or materials:
If you like the iridescence effect of the tile, but you think it is too much for the entire area to be covered, consider looking for a mosaic tile that blends iridescent, frosted and clear glass, or even natural stone tiles.

If you need inspiration on using iridescent glass tiles for your next project, check these photos...

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