There is no doubt that stainless steel backsplash tiles coordinate very well with appliances made of the same material. However, just like your refrigerator's door, you will probably see some water stains on your stainless steel tile as you use and maintain your kitchen.



This tutorial will show you how to remove those water stains off your backsplash tiles* without having to buy any expensive special cleaner. This is something that you can do often and it will not affect the look of your tiles neither damage them.

Before you start have the following handy:

  • Spray Bottle
  • White Vinegar
  • 02 Pieces of clean clothes.


1) Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle.


2) Spray the vinegar onto your stainless steel tile, leaving its surface with a light mist.


3) Wipe off the vinegar mist with a clean cloth, scrubbing the water stains off the surface.


4) Polish the with a clean cloth, rubbing in long even strokes that follow the grain direction of the stainless steel. Besides removing water stains, it also disinfects.


* This tutorial was tested on "fresh" water stains. For the old ones you may have to use a special cleaner.