Corner Round Tile Trim Piece

Trim and bullnose pieces are known for the characteristic round edges that are often used to cover the corners or eliminate any sharp edges in the room. Apart from functionality, these pieces are smooth and can give a perfect complete look to any space. You can use them to finish off any rough edges or hide areas that may look uncompleted. And since you can also use them to finish the baseboard design and a transition between two different materials - they can make a very great aesthetically element in the whole room. So, it’s time that you look into these 5 collections that offer a wide array of trim and bullnose options!

Home Ceramic Collection

Our latest Home Ceramic Collection offers bullnose tiles in various intriguing pastel and neutral hues that are quite common and trendy in the interior design industry. You can use these tiles to finish the edge of backsplash tiles, bathroom tiles, and even shower areas. These glossy and smooth tiles are not suitable for the floors - hence, just a great way to make a statement only on the walls.

Lithographic Pencil Tile Collection

The Lithographic Tile Collection offers high-quality ceramic wall tiles that have a smooth or glossy finish. Ideally, these tiles make a great option for the modern farmhouse, modern, contemporary, and mid-century modern interior design styles. Hence, if you plan to choose the picket tiles from the same collection, you can choose from one of the trims to create a seamless look.

Vintage Subway Collection

The Vintage Subway Collection flaunts a smooth yet distressed look of the wall tile trims to complement the modern farmhouse, rustic, and industrial interior design styles. It’s not suitable for floors - hence, it must be used on the wall applications for your kitchen as well as bathrooms. This collection offers some high-quality bullnose and trim tiles on a budget!

Color Splash Tile Collection

Available in a wide array of fun colors and quirky contrasts, the Color Splash Tile Collection features one of the best trim designs. If you’re playing with multiple colors in your space, the trims will help connect colors and create an ultimate bright and seamless palette. Moreover, note that this tile collection is highly recommended for the wall application and not the floors.

City Porcelain Distressed Tile Collection

Another tile category that features the round-trim tile is City Porcelain Distressed Tile Collection. Available in a wide variety of colors complementary to the tiles - these trims can soften the edges and make the room feel cohesive and calm. This collection features glossy trims - hence, quite easy to clean and also maintain. 

Summing It Up

So, did choosing that perfect trim or bullnose just got easier for you? Well, these 5 above-mentioned tile collections offer various trims and bullnoses in different hues, textures, and contrasts to solely help your space look more flawless than ever. So, are you excited to incorporate them into your home? Well, do let me know in the comments below! 

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