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Choosing the flooring for your dream kitchen can be quite exciting and thrilling - and at the same time, challenging and daunting. From choosing that perfect tile pattern to finalizing the finish - the styles and options are truly endless. Hence, to avoid any confusion - you must first narrow down your ultimate style and design preference.

So, what really is your style? Is it sleek like modern and contemporary or rustic like industrial and vintage? Well, to help you make informed decisions, here’s a guideline about choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen!

Determine the Design

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

The number one step towards choosing a perfect tile for your kitchen involves determining your interior design style and the vibe you are looking to create. And let me tell you, this is also one of the most creative and fun tasks to do! 

From a wide array of styles - what really is yours? If you have a traditional and eclectic style - note that you can choose deep color palettes in rich and vivid tones. On the other hand, modern and contemporary styles require muted and subtle tones that exhibit a sense of openness. Lastly, in the case of the farmhouse and industrial styles - you must look for an unfinished look and everything that doesn’t feel too shiny and sleek!

And once you have finalized the color, texture, and material - think about the layout of these tiles. You can choose from herringbone, staggered brick, chevron, vertical, hexagon, and basket-weave patterns to create a dynamic and stunning appeal.

Consider Maintenance

Your requirements are quite likely to alter if you have kids and pets at home. So, remember not to forget about the regular mess and food spills! Marble is a great option to choose from - however, it requires sealing and resealing quite often. And if not well maintained, it can lose its charm. Hence, you must think long-term and pick something durable and low maintenance.

Glossy finish tiles are a great option in the kitchen. They are impervious and can easily offer cleaning advantages. You can simply sweep a cloth and clean the food spills and dirt on it! Also, choose a material that is strong and hardy - and can withstand any harsh conditions.

Cabinetry and Countertop Matter

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

When designing your dream kitchen and picking the best floor tiles, don’t forget that your cabinetry system, backsplash tiles, and countertop material matter. The idea is that all your design and décor should look seamless and cohesive. So, ensure to either prepare a physical Mood Board and place the real-time material samples against each other or play digitally to best analyze the floor finishes. This way, you will exactly know what will work out with each other!

Examples of Mood Boards

Mood Board

Kitchen Mood Board

Kitchen Mood Board

Summing it Up

Now that you have read various tips and tricks on choosing the best flooring tiles - are you feeling confident about picking one for your next dream kitchen project? 

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