New Pool Tile Designs For 2023

Now that summers are right around the corner, does it give you the utmost urgency to get hands-on with that dreamy swimming pool? So, whether you’re planning to renovate the existing pool or planning to build a brand new one - the swimming pool tiles are what you must commence with! And unlike the old-school, traditional mosaics - the new-age tiles are quite intriguing and unique. Want to know more? Have a look at these 5 pool tile designs for 2023!

Adriatic Pool Porcelain Tile Collection

Pool Porcelain Tile Blue 6x6

Are you looking to add a dramatic and bold touch to your swimming pool? If yes, the latest Adriatic Pool Porcelain Tile Collection
 is what you must have an eye on! Apart from the swimming pool, you can consider the application of these tiles in the spa, jacuzzis, bathrooms, as well as the kitchen backsplash

With a notable grayish-blue tone, these tiles tend to make your swimming pool stand out from the rest with its utmost classic and raw look.

Reef Collection

Reef Pool Tile

The Reef Pool Porcelain Tile Collection is truly out-of-the-box! Unlike the typical blue, teal, or green hues - this collection flaunts off the beautiful and elegant, earthy look of porcelain pool tiles with a beige or brown color playing a muted and subdued role. Since it has a high light reflectance value, it tends to make your swimming pool appear larger and airier.

Moreover, these tiles are made of porcelain and are quite strong and durable. If you reside in regions with extreme weather conditions - this tile collection is bound to offer longevity.

Painted Waters Collection

Painted Waters Pool Tile Collection

Mimicking the deep sea waters, the Painted Waters Porcelain Pool Tile Collection has the utmost charm and delight that can easily infuse a sense of character and drama into your swimming pool. They’re resistant to fading, discoloration, and staining - which is why they’re quite easy to maintain and take care of. 

The gold speckles on the tiles add a touch of contrast and glam to the space. So, to complement your rich landscape, this tile would work the best!

Shimmer Glass Tile Collection

Iridescent Glass Tile Blue in a French Pattern

Not so mainstream - and yet showcasing a beautiful array of finish and hue, the Shimmer Iridescent Glass Pool Tile Collection is simply beyond limits. This iridescent glass mosaic tile can be used in the swimming pools, spa, jacuzzis, shower wall tiles, bathrooms, as well as the kitchen backsplash. 

So, if you like the idea of an old-school blue-hued tile but with a sense of visual interest - this collection works the best! Moreover, it can withstand extreme weather conditions and can last a very long time!

Liquid Recycled Glass Collection

Liquid Recycled Glass Tile Collection

As the name suggests, the Liquid Recycled Glass Tile Collection takes inspiration from the glass in its liquid form to create an utmost dramatic and natural look in your swimming pool. You’re bound to feel an inch closer to the reefs when you see these tiles on board!

Secondly, these glass pool tiles tend to make your swimming pool appear confined and smaller - so, it’s highly recommended to use these tiles only if there’s ample square footage!


So, do you want to escape the old and boring “blue” look in your swimming pool? Well, these latest tile collections are something to watch out for! They’re unique, distinctive, and will totally make your swimming pool stand out from the rest! 

So, looking to incorporate either of these tiles? Well, get in touch with one of our professionals to know more! 

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