Spa and Jacuzzi Design Ideas

Hot tubs are a great idea to relieve and wind down after the day is called. So when it comes to designing such a space for your own abode, there are plenty of things to be taken care of, in order to achieve a beautiful yet functional spa.

But don't worry, we have you covered. Here, we have compiled a list of essential elements for you to touch on when designing the ultimate luxurious space for your delight, at your own home!

Hot tubs

First things first, we need to clear the air between the Jacuzzi and spa. Although the terms are used in the same context, they actually stand different.

Jacuzzi is actually a brand name that manufactures jetted bathtubs and with its legacy has become the most popular hot tub brand. 

On the other hand, the spa serves the purpose of relieving and pampering oneself by soaking in warm water. The term can also be used for a hot tub or even a whirlpool bath.

1. Planning your budget.

The foremost essential step to help you achieve the best spa design; it is important to identify your budget to help you plan and arrange for the type of hot tub or spa you are looking for. You can check with local pool builders to figure the area measurements, electricity, and plumbing provisions, further the material availability. 

2. The position of the tub.


The tubs can be installed above the ground, or can even be sunk into an indoor floor or outdoor deck; some are even integrated with the pool itself.

Ideally, your tub should be situated in an area in your home that is typically away from neighbors’ or street sight for your privacy. Consider gazebos, patio umbrellas in case. Plant screens and indoor landscaping are a great idea to protect your space from the direct glare, plus it also serves as a great background or a view for your ultimate  relaxing spot!

3. The choice of tiles and flooring

tiles and flooring

Aesthetic-wise, and functionality-wise, the tiles and the flooring you choose have the most impact on your spa design. You can choose from a collection of mosaic, glass, and porcelain patio tiles that are easy to install and clean. While soothing, neutral colors, such as white, beige, or soft greys and browns set the tone for relaxation, bright colors and patterns add to the energetic vibe if you are looking to host parties.

The flooring around the pool shall also not be overlooked. It needs to be equally durable and manageable, also has to be slip-resistant and reflect back heat. Concrete, wooden, and stone stand out to be the most popular choices, depending on the availability and the budget.

4. Lighting and décor

Adding a personal touch is what will set your spa design APART from others. Spruce up with some scented candles, infusers, or scented flowers in the space to add to a sensory experience. Do not be afraid to experiment with some outdoor furniture to set up with the space, ideally preferring waterproof materials. 

For lighting, choose warm tones to give a relaxing tone to the space. LED string lights, good old candlelight, garden up lights in case of landscaping, dozens of options are available for you, as per the type of space you have and how you want to decorate!

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