Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most common types of flooring for obvious reasons. Characteristics like low maintenance, affordability, longevity, and resistance against stain and water - all help make this material a superpower in the world of floorings. However, along with the advantages also come the downsides that you must acquaint yourself with! In this article, we will elaborate on the pros and cons of luxury vinyl flooring and if it makes a great match for your home!

Pro 1: Easy Installation

This type of flooring is pretty much DIY friendly! Unlike the old-school, traditional sheets - the latest technological advancements have allowed these planks to be installed easily without any hammering or sawing. You can also find “self-adhesive” vinyl that works like peel-and-stick! Efficient enough, right?

Pro 2: Affordability

This is one of the most economical options if you’re on a budget. Generally, they tend to be 5 to 10 times less expensive as compared to the original material you’re trying to mimic! And since you can also save on labor costs - it’s pretty much a good deal!

Pro 3: Durability

If you maintain it properly - believe it or not, it can last a very long time! Yes, vinyl floors are rugged and can offer great longevity characteristics. So, remember to style rugs and mats in heavy traffic areas and put coasters underneath the furniture legs when moving!

Pro 4: Easy Maintenance

Luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain and take care of. So, all you have to ensure is to regularly sweep or use a dry mop and detergent every once a week. Something rigorous like steam cleaning is not recommended! 

Pro 5: Aesthetics

Aesthetics is one reason why many homeowners are attracted to these luxury vinyl tiles. They are available in interesting textures, colors, and patterns to offer a multitude of designs and mimic any material you want!

Con 1: Hard to Remove

Once the vinyl is installed on the floors - it can be difficult to remove it. The glue sticks to the subfloor and makes it quite hard to be removed! However, with professional help, you can make anything possible.

Con 2: Sunlight is the Enemy

Some luxury vinyl planks don’t have a UV protection layer - which really must not be overlooked. If this is so, the sunlight hitting the floors can result in fading or discoloration of the planks. And this is why you must choose quality material!

Con 3: Avoid Older Vinyl Floors

If the vinyl floors in your home were installed around the 1980s - it’s ideal to get them upgraded! The older floors included asbestos which can affect the health and wellness of your family members. Yes, it’s linked to a couple of serious diseases. 

Con 4: Some Vinyl can be Inconsistent Quality

Some vinyl sheets do compromise on quality - which is why you must always consider the construction and thickness of the sheets. Generally, thicker ones are better since they’re more durable and long-lasting! Also, vinyl with four layers of material is great for added strength! 


Well, the pros of luxury vinyl definitely overpower the cons! And that is why this flooring material is gaining a ton of popularity and attraction. So, if you want to know more - get in touch with one of our professionals to help you make informed decisions.

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