5 Luxury Vinyl Planks You Don’t Want To Miss

Welcome to the world of luxury - the luxury vinyl plank flooring is all you need for a timeless and versatile setup in your home. Simple to maintain, easy to install, and fully waterproof - the LVPs are available as long and narrow strips of flooring that give you a real-time look and feel of hardwood. So, if you’re looking for a strong, sturdy, hard, and durable alternative to hardwood floors, LVPs may be your solution. Talking aesthetics, Mineral Tiles offers a wide array of Luxury Vinyl Plank design ideas for each and every design style. 

Fond of the grains of hickory hardwood? Or do you love the rich appearance of walnut hardwood? Have a look into these 5 luxury vinyl plank ideas that will make you go wow!

Honey Chestnut


Majorly beige and brown with a tint of yellow - the honey chestnut luxury vinyl planks are suitable for traditional and modern-day styles. They’re dark and bold - hence, can also potentially add a statement of elegance to the room. You are quite likely to observe the pattern of grains and knots amalgamated and subtly playing a backdrop. The antimicrobial coating allows the flooring to live longer and stronger and thus can be used for high-traffic areas of a home.

Cedar Wood


Building a mountain home and looking for a lighter-toned wood like cedar or hickory? Well, this sample of luxury vinyl plank flooring is definitely something to have an eye on. It’s equally hard, and sturdy, and is equipped with an anti-microbial coating on top and a 100% waterproof stone core to offer the utmost longevity and practicality. The grains and knots in this type are dominantly visible to create a unique interference. This LVP is also quite suitable if you’re looking to enhance your space and make it feel larger.

White Oak


One of the most timeless and versatile, the white oak LVPs are highly recommended for breezy design styles such as Scandinavian and Japandi. With a white and brown base - this type of flooring lacks the yellow, pink, or red undertone that may clash with your existing furniture or architectural elements. Hence, proving to be quite a flexible type of plank flooring! It comes with waterproof core technology and is quite easy to install. 



Another prominent LVP hardwood floor with a dominant red undertone - the acacia is suitable for homes with cottage country, English country, or traditional vibe. The grains and knots are subdued and are protected with an anti-microbial coating on top to offer the utmost longevity. However, when using this flooring - ensure the undertones don’t clash with your furniture and interior architectural elements. 



Quite uncommon, the Pine hardwood LVP may be slightly difficult to pair and complement. The dominant red, green, and yellow undertones in the hardwood play a bold character in any space. Ideally, you must style with this hardwood in larger spaces and design styles like traditional mountain and industrial.

So, which luxury vinyl plank flooring is the one that you don’t want to miss? Based on your design style - it’s important to read through the undertones and appearances. Lastly, don’t forget to reach out to us in case of any questions or doubts!

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