Glass Pool Tiles: Let Your Swimming Pool Shine Bright

Glass tiles for the pool are considerably a beautiful and popular option amongst homeowners. They add immense allure and luxe to your swimming pools while creating an illusion of a glossier and larger perimeter. Luckily, they offer a low-maintenance environment that readily transforms your pool into a blissful oasis. They are known to increase the sense of depth and magic of your pool - in the most aesthetic ways. 

Glass pool tiles come in a wide array of colors, finishes, shapes, and styles to perfectly fit in your traditional, modern, or contemporary swimming pools. Let’s take a look at these 5 notable glass tile designs for your pool!

Glass Pool Tile Turquoise Waves

Glass Pool Tiles

Quirky and exotic, this beautiful texture resembles the ocean water in the most mesmerizing ways. And since it is available in a size of 6 inches by 6 inches, it makes a great pool waterline feature tile.

It can be easily used in the spa, swimming pool, kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower wall, and Jacuzzi. Undoubtedly, the unique look of this tile is bound to transform your pool into a blissful haven.

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Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Pool Tiles

Creating a sense of reflection underneath the water, this glass mosaic tile proves utterly versatile and aesthetically. Forming an interesting linear pattern, the glass mosaic tile is bound to create an illusion of a wider pool perimeter.

You can run this around the pool waterline surface to create a seamless surface. Moreover, the glossy finish helps create an impervious surface so the pool water doesn’t absorb. 

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Iridescent Glass Tile Summer Black

Iridescent Glass Tile Summer Black 1x3

If blue is something you don’t embrace, choose this darker-toned iridescent black tile to create a sense of greater depth and texture. Apart from the swimming pool, you can use this tile on your kitchen backsplash, shower area, fireplace, and spas. This tile will genuinely exhibit a bold and authentic touch to your pools.

Moreover, this tile perfectly reflects light to create a focal point in the outdoor arena. And since it’s quite durable, you need not give it a second thought!

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Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Glass Pool Tiles

Creating a sense of drama and character, this glass hexagon mosaic tile tends to add a sense of movement and dynamism to the pool. And since it has a tinge of embedded antique wood finish, it tends to imbibe a rustic and English-authentic swimming pool look.

This tile is not a great option if you are craving a glossy look. Hence, keep in mind the overall style and theme before you incorporate this elegant matte-finish glass tile.

White Beach Glass Tile

Glass Pool Tiles

Glass tiles come in a wide array of hues - and one such interesting example is the white that irresistibly adds a glamorous and majestic look. It tends to reflect ample natural light away to create a lighter and brighter environmental experience.

So, you can upgrade the tiles of your swimming pool and choose something exotic like these white tiles to create a sense of contrast and subtleness in the pool.

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