Get Inspired: 8 Bold Bathrooms

The tiles have a direct impact on the visual aesthetics and size of your bathroom. You can choose to embrace a sleek and monochromatic look or a bold and dramatic one. And floor and wall tiles can help achieve the look! Gone are the days when bathrooms played just a ‘functional’ space in a home. Nowadays, they're a symbol of your personality and style.

So, if you have a flair for drama and Eclectic, we’ve compiled 8 bold bathrooms to take inspiration from. Well, what makes a bathroom bold? The darker-hued tiles, the bold juxtaposition of patterns and colors, floor-to-ceiling tiles, and daring contrasts. Check out the ideas below!

Majestic Black Bathroom

1- majestic black bathroom

What calls for majesty? Well, the glossy black floor-to-ceiling wall tiles! You can also choose to further add dimension to the bathroom walls with the timeless and sophisticated, Glass Black tiles. Further, pair this bathroom with a satin brass finish for the best result.

Eclectic Patterned Tile Bathroom

2- patterned floor tile

Another way to make your bathroom feel bold and loud is by making use of patterned tiles. You can choose to make a bold statement on the floor and further add a quirky color paint on the walls. Some classic examples are blush, rust, terracotta clay, teal, stormy blue, and pine green.

The Contemporary Bathroom

3- the bathroom wall tiles

Amalgamate the beauty of boldness in your contemporary-style bathroom! Well, it’s time to make use of differently-hued tiles as a contrast against each other on the vanity wall and shower area. The tones of gray and midnight blue perfectly work here, isn’t it?

The Raw and Rustic Bathroom

4- bathroom floor tiles

This distressed subway tile is all you need for a bold and dramatic look in your bathroom. The beautiful tile texture adds a sense of raw and rustic while exhibiting an ‘industrial’ look. Look how timelessly the tiles pair with the raw texture on the walls!

Moody Luxe Bathroom

5- wood-look bathroom tiles

Style the wood-look tiles with marble-look tiles for a luxe, organic, and moody appeal. Your bathroom hardware could be satin brass and don’t forget to add a touch of lush greenery to the bathroom space. This bathroom panorama demands considerable square footage and natural lighting conditions.

Earthy Brown Bathroom

6- hexagonal floor tiles

Don’t restrict to a single type of tile when you can actually play with two! The sharp contrast of the hexagonal tiles on the wall with two-toned hexagonal tiles on the bathroom floor is simply mind-blowing. Of course, choose the glossy for the wall and matte or textured for the flooring!

Bachelor’s Pad Bathroom

7- hexagonal wall tiles

Another example of a bold bathroom is the one with black and blue hexagonal tiles. You can choose to create a wide array of patterns with the help of these hexagonal tiles on the floor. Yes, and further pair with finishes of oil-rubbed bronze for a bachelor’s pad-like look. 

Olive Green Bathroom

8- olive green bathroom

One of our absolute favorites, timeless and classy, elegant and nature-inspired, the olive green distressed tiles can make a beautiful bold accent. Ensure to install these tiles floor-to-ceiling for a sense of dynamism and movement in the bathroom space.

Well, you must choose colors like black, charcoal gray, midnight blue, olive green, emerald green, bronze, and dark beige to create a bold and luxe appeal. So, now that we’ve looked into the 8 bold bathrooms, which particularly intrigued you? Let me know in the comments below!

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