Everything You Need To Know About Zellige Tiles

When talking about interiors, the beauty and quirkiness of Zellige tiles are simply unmissable. Taking inspiration from the Moroccan and Algerian-style tiles, the Zellige range is all about authenticity, state-of-the-art aesthetics, and outstanding durability. These handcrafted tiles are composed of a special blend of local clay and then are further glazed and fired to give a unique look to each tile. Each of these Zellige tiles may slightly differ in the overall shade, tone, depth, and flatness to create a one-of-a-kind look at all times. 

Dating back to centuries ago, these Zellige tiles were found in the North African mosaic work for Islamic Art. The bright colors, enchanting patterns, and glazed appearance were quite admired in Arab aesthetics when adorning mosques and other cultural monuments. And even in the present years, these Zellige tiles are being loved and admired in the interior design industry. 

Characteristics of Zellige Tiles

Appealing Aesthetics

Zellige tiles are quirky, bright, bold, fun-loving, preppy, and quite enchanting! Taking inspiration from the colors and patterns of Morocco, these Persian tiles can ultimately add a sense of uniqueness and magic to a space. A variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns result in an outstanding appearance that ends up making each space look one-of-a-kind. These Moroccan tiles are specially designed to create a sense of drama and visual interest in any interior. Hence, number one when it comes to looks and aesthetics!

However, let’s not ignore the perfection in ‘imperfections’! Well, not every tile is the same since they’re handmade and fired separately. However, the irregularities and dissimilarities are what hold the upper hand in the overall aesthetics. 

Outstanding Durability

Zellige tiles are incredibly strong, sturdy, hard, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. These tiles are also heat-resistant and water-resistant despite the sheen and texture of the tile. So, these tiles make a practical statement in high-tolerant spaces such as kitchen backsplash or even bathroom walls or floors.

Practicality and Usability

The Zellige tiles are not just for the walls! Well, yes. You can spot Zellige tiles all over in the traditional Moroccan-style bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen spaces. Well, you can definitely use the Zellige tiles on the kitchen backsplash as well as powder bathroom floors. As far as the traffic in a space is low, don’t mind decorating with Zellige tiles. However, they’re slightly textured and can be slightly difficult to walk on barefoot. 


The Zellige tiles are moderately easy to clean! The glossy or smooth finish allows a simple wipe-off using a damp cloth to ultimately retain the original charm. However, you must ensure to regularly clean and wipe the surface so the moisture doesn’t stay up! Especially in shower areas and the kitchen, don’t allow the spills and stains to retain for longer.

If you do decide to incorporate Zellige tile into your home, know what you’re getting yourself, a fair share of aesthetics and a completely perfect “imperfection”. It’s definitely an uneven piece of art that can make your home feel natural and characteristic!

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