Create a Moodboard For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Project

Moodboards are the visual representation of all the materials, products, and textures you may require, put together to give the “feel” of a space. In the world of architecture, interior design, home renovation, and construction - this is the ultimate way to convey your thoughts to make the property owner understand the mood of his space. And believe it or not, this is one powerful tool you must try to brainstorm your design ideas and further put them to concept and design when starting your next dream home renovation or home design project.

Reasons To Make Your Moodboard

Create a Moodboard For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Project

  • A moodboard will help refine your ideas: When starting your next renovation project, it’s important to start with a moodboard. Start from a blank slate and find inspiration from sources like Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Once you have a strong idea of what you want for your space - put it all on the moodboard and then go ahead and create alternatives. In the end, lay aside all the moodboards and you’ll definitely know what you like the most!
  • A moodboard helps in communicating your ideas: Whether it’s your interior design or yourself, a moodboard is an easier way to communicate your ideas and thoughts. You can easily explain your style and vibe that you’re aiming to create, with the help of this moodboard. Even a layman with little knowledge may easily understand the whole concept of the ideas and moodboard here. 

Two Types of Moodboards: Physical and Digital

The first and foremost choice is whether you want to start with a physical moodboard or a digital one. 

Create a Moodboard For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Project

  • A Physical Moodboard is a traditional choice where you would pick real-time materials, fabrics, finishes, and textures to create a moodboard. Typically, you’d lay out a foam board on which you’ll place all these physical material samples to feel the true feel of your space. You might choose to form a grid pattern or lay the materials on top of each other - the choice is yours!

Create a Moodboard For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Project

  • A Digital Moodboard is a new-age method to communicate your ideas and thoughts. It allows you to collect all the inspirational images you’ve gathered online and then further create a ‘collage-like’ graphic on some of the moodboard-creating apps and platforms. Definitely, this is an easier way to create moodboards and send over your inspiration to clients across the seas! Several apps like Canva, Photoshop, and Morpholio Board can be used when making your moodboard for the next project. 

How To Make a Moodboard?

Create a Moodboard For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Project

  • Create Your Theme: Start by collecting all the inspirational images you have saved from all across the social media channels. For the interior design or home renovation project, choose your design style (modern farmhouse, contemporary, or Scandinavian) and further pick each of the themes for each of the boards. 
  • Add Color Palette: Once you classify the design style, add your color palette to the moodboard to give a better idea of the theme as well as the paint colors on the wall.
  • Collect the Elements, Materials, and Products - It’s time that you put together the various materials, fabrics, textures or products, including glass tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, stone mosaic tiles, and metal tiles on the board for a much clearer idea. This will exactly tell you what’s going in there and what isn’t! Yes, it will exactly tell you if all the products have a similar vibe to each other!
  • Present and Curate the Board: Put all of the above-mentioned data on the board - and thus, your moodboard is ready! 

So, whether it’s the kitchen backsplash, bathroom, or shower wall - creating a moodboard with the help of tiles, countertop marble, and flooring will give you an exact mood of what your space will feel like! Excited to get on board? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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