Coral Reef Porcelain Pool Tile 6x6 Collection

Diving into the deep waters of the ocean, our latest Coral Reef Collection perfectly mimics nature and its beautiful forms. Unique and distinctive in the best possible way, this one-of-a-kind tile collection is made of porcelain and is glossy to give that perfect glow into your space. And let’s face it - you simply can’t ignore the deep hue and texture on the tile! Since it tends to add a three-dimensional effect to the panorama, it definitely makes a stark, stunning, and yet a calming factor - all at once. 

We are proud to showcase these 2 tile designs under the category that you can consider for your home! So, let’s have a look.

Blue Porcelain Tile

Coral Reef Blue Porcelain Pool Tiles

Flaunting the various shades of blue, these tiles come in 6 x 6 sizes and can easily be installed on a pool waterline, or the entire swimming pool - wherever you plan to style them. With the utmost textural detail on the surface, the porcelain tile speaks of authenticity, chicness, quirky, and eccentricity. And meanwhile, they offer a ton of advantages! First and foremost, these tiles are impervious to vapor and liquids - thus, a great recommendation for wet area applications.

Secondly, they have the potential to resist fading, discoloration, and staining - thus, easy to maintain and take care of. Moreover, they’re expected to last a long time and also withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Turquoise Porcelain Tile

Coral Reef Turquoise Pool Tiles

With a blend of both blue and green hues, this extraordinary tile makes a great illusion in adding drama and depth to a particular space. Available in 6 x 6 size, the glossy-finish tile possesses a unique and desirable look that can make it more stunning and visually appealing. And since it’s frost-proof and can withstand extreme weather conditions - why don’t you try it for your next renovation project?

Secondly, this porcelain tile can equally resist staining, fading, and discoloration - and is generally ideal for wet application areas. And since it’s easy to maintain and take care of - it definitely makes a desirable product in the home! 

Where to Use the Latest Coral Reef Collection?

Swimming Pool

Due to the characteristics of water resistance and impermeability of these tiles, it makes a great statement in the wet areas. Especially if it’s the swimming pool, waterline, spa, jacuzzi, bathroom shower area as well as the kitchen backsplash - these tiles would definitely play a flawless and efficient statement. Other than that, you can also consider styling these tiles on a featured wall in your home or the fireplace!

These tiles are applicable for both wall and floor applications! And especially in your bathroom, you can dedicate the shower zone to these tiles and give it a perfect ‘wow’ effect.

Summing It Up

Are you looking to add a touch of distinctiveness to your space? Well, this latest Coral Reef Porcelain Tile Collection will take you through a ride of nature and at the same time, offer longevity and authenticity. 

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