7 Drool-Worthy Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles can bring an effortless sense of charm and beauty to a space. Whether it’s the surface of the wall or the floor - the patterned tiles can bring a touch of visual interest without overwhelming the space. From bathrooms to kitchens, laundry rooms to the foyer, and bedrooms to bathrooms - the patterned tiles can be a beautiful and unique addition that you’d never regret. 

At Mineral Tiles, we love to flaunt our beautiful collection of patterned tiles that can be used for a wide array of interior design styles and color schemes. Don’t believe it? Well, let’s have a look at these real-time examples of how patterned tiles can be styled in a space.

Bring a Coastal Charm

patterned porcelain tiles

This calm and serene bathroom flaunts an accent shower wall in pretty coastal-inspired tiles that are unmatchable and intriguing. Pairing with wooden floating shower shelves and chrome sanitary hardware is further bringing the raw nautical vibe. These tiles can also be used on the floor for an enchanting experience! 

Talk Vintage

bathroom floor tile

If you’re looking to make your bathroom or kitchen stand out - try these vintage patterned black and white tiles on the floors or the wall. To further add perfection, pair this combination with matte black or chrome hardware and lots of indoor plants to bring a rejuvenating vibe. 

Play with Geometric Shapes

kitchen floor tiles

The patterns don’t have to be old-school or traditional each time and you can also infuse modern shapes and geometric intricacies. This kitchen design embraces a clean and sleek look while adding ample depth and visual interest to the floors to make the space look interesting.

Embrace Eclectic

porcelain floor tiles

The patterned tiles have the potential to work amazingly in subtle as well as maximalist eclectic backdrops. This example clearly justifies how patterned tiles can instantly add a unique touch of quirkiness to a space. Also, isn’t the amalgamation of the two tile designs totally flawless?

Add Drama with Patterned Tiles

patterned floor tiles

If you have a modern minimalist, contemporary, or mid-century modern design style tiles - these sleek patterned tiles are what you must look for. They not just add drama and depth to your space but also bring a touch of vibrancy. 

Don’t Overwhelm with Patterned Tiles

kitchen patterned tiles

Some patterns can be loud and bold whereas some are quite subtle and petite. This kitchen design flaunts the floor-patterned tiles that aren’t loud and can make a beautiful statement in any space. The smaller patterns on the tiles make it less overwhelming and more unique! 

Try the Industrial Vibe

kitchen mosaic tiles

If you prefer a raw and rustic appearance, this bold black and white patterned tile makes a perfect backdrop. You must choose to use these tiles in the larger spaces so the pattern can be beautifully flaunted! And lastly, ensure to keep the surroundings sleek and subtle.

So, are you excited to spruce your spaces with one of these patterned tiles? Well, you can use them on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor as well as the wall, laundry rooms, living room accents, and even play areas. Well, do let us know which patterned tile you’d love to use in your space in the comments below! 

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