5 Shower Tile Trends 2023

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Is rethinking the bathroom the next on your list this year? Well, if so - it’s always a better idea to stand ahead of time and incorporate the latest trends that do not disappoint. The latest shower tile trends of 2023 will give your bathroom a quick refresh with a blend of modern twists that are bound to stay. This year, it’s all about experimenting with contrasting tile colors, juxtaposing materials, and much more. Excited much? Well, let’s get on board. 

Choose a Bold & Contrasting Tile Color

Shower tile design bold

In the year 2023, you must expect to find bolder and contrasting hues on the tiles such as electric blue, emerald green, rust red, and charcoal gray. The easiest way to make a sleek appearance and add a modern touch to your bathroom is by simply upgrading the shower area with these tiles. Just pair with satin brass or satin chrome fixtures and you’ll observe the ultimate magic of these shower tiles.

Pick a Calming Color for Shower Wall Tile

Shower tile designs for bathroom

One of the popular 2023 shower tile trends, picking a calmer color like sage green, mist blue, or icy gray will not just make your bathroom look airier but also tranquilizing. A personal space such as the bathroom deserves the utmost rejuvenation and relaxation. Hence, you can either choose to clad all your bathroom walls in this soothing tile color or simply use it in the shower area. We’d recommend that you choose this shower tile design for all the walls of your bathroom!

Choose a Picket Shower Tile Idea

Walk-in shower tile ideas

Why choose the old-school tile shapes when you have the picket shape in trend? This crisp and clean, sleek, and modern tile shape is a great way to style your shower wall and give it an updated look. This shower tile trend of 2023 is bound to stay and make your bathroom look timeless and versatile. Moreover, if you’re bored of the commonly used tile shapes, maybe give this shower tile design a chance.

Juxtapose Stone with Shower Tiles

Shower tile ideas

The year 2023 brings the playful juxtaposition of porcelain shower tiles with the combination of natural stone cladding. If you prefer a modern and contemporary look in your bathroom, this particular shower tile trend in 2023 is something to watch out for. Contrast with a matte black finish for the lighting fixtures, sanitary fixtures, and other hardware in your bathroom.

Create a Geometric Pattern with Shower Tile Design

tile shower ideas

It’s time to choose a geometric pattern for the shower tile trend of 2023 to create a quirky, fun, and eclectic charm. This modern and transitional design is here to stay and will last much longer than perceived. Here, the basket weave pattern will create a phenomenal look - especially when only used in the shower area. So, it’s time that you enjoy the intriguing patterns and shapes and make your bathroom remodel a fun project.

So, what are your thoughts on the above-mentioned shower tile trends for 2023? Are you looking to incorporate any trends in your home? It’s true that these latest shower tile trends are here to stay and will never disappoint you! In the case of any assistance, get in touch with one of our team professionals and we’ll help you find the best shower tile design for your home.

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