8 Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas to Suit Every Style

For all tile lovers, the bathroom (and specifically the shower area) is where you can best flaunt your ultimate love for the unique and stylish array of tiles. Tiling a bathroom shower area can be quite fun as well as functional. Tiles are durable, easy to clean, and can simply make your bathroom walls go characteristic and eye-catchy. However, there may be a number of shower tile ideas that may be suited for different design styles. In this article, we are proud to share 8 shower tile ideas from our collection that will prove timeless and versatile for every style. So, let’s get started! 

Glossy White Subway Tile

subway bathroom shower tiles

When looking for bathroom shower tile ideas, one of the classic ideas is to style with white subway tiles. They can easily complement one and all design styles, and color palettes, and will never easily fade away or feel outdated. So, if you’re chasing simplicity and practicality - you must have an eye on these tiles!

Porcelain Terrazzo Tile

bathroom shower tile design ideas

Even though the appearance of this shower tile may be quite modern and contemporary - it can readily blend with most interior design styles. This matte finish tile can be a total blessing for wet shower areas since they’re resistant to slipping, discoloration, and fading. 

White Mosaic Tile

tile for bathroom

For a crisp and clean, timeless bathroom - the snow-white porcelain mosaic tiles will add a touch of sophistication and elegance. You can choose to clad the entire shower wall in these tiles or simply make a statement on the wainscotting. 

Hexagon Porcelain Tile

hexagon tiles for bathroom

For an added touch of visual interest and drama, it’s never a bad idea to style the bathroom shower walls with uniquely-shaped tiles. In this case, the shower wall tiling could be a one-of-a-kind hexagon that plays classic, versatile, and eye-catching. Meanwhile, choosing white tiles over another hue can equally bring suitability for every style.

Distressed Black Subway Tile

bathroom shower tile

Black shares synonyms with sophistication and luxe - hence, nothing is more classy or timeless than the distressed black subway tile in your bathroom. It can be used for both wall and floor applications - whether on the wainscoting or all the way to the ceiling of the shower walls. 

Basketweave Porcelain Tile

bathroom shower tile ideas

Made of porcelain, this bathroom shower tile idea can add an immense dynamic character to the walls. This pattern can create a breathtaking appearance without making your bathroom feel overwhelmed! 

Picket Wall Tile

bathroom floor tiles

Every shower area in a bathroom deserves attention! Whether it’s in the form of shaped tiles or a dramatic hue that breaks the monotony - giving special attention to the shower area would never be a bad idea. In this case, the picket tiles add an extra touch of versatility to the bathroom.

Persia Gray Subway Tile

shower tiles for bathroom

Gray bathrooms will never go out of trend! And especially if you immerse the walls in subway tiles - the result is bound to be flabbergasting. These lightly distressed, glossy-finish tiles will add much-needed drama and serenity to your bathroom.

So, are you ready to spruce up those walls with these gorgeous 8-bathroom shower tile ideas? Don’t worry - you’ll love them even more on the walls than in these pictures. Get in touch with us regarding any queries and we’d be very happy to help!

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