5 Interior Design Styles That Adore Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are one of the latest interior design trend obsessions in the industry! Not only is it a never-fading trend but also a remarkable design idea to make your space feel absolutely unique and bespoke. Zellige tiles are available as bold as teal, black, and pine green and as subtle as creams, beige, and gray. It truly depends on your design style, the square footage of the space, and the overall vibe you’re aiming to create. So, if you’re particularly wondering which interior designs will best complement the zellige tiles - well, here’s a list of the 5 styles to have a look at!

Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic interiors are all about a quirky, eccentric, and bold way of styling in your home. At Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of dark, moody, and bold-hued zellige tiles to make a dramatic statement in your home. Whether it’s the featured wall in your living room or the walls of the shower area - the zellige tiles will always prove worthwhile. 

We’d recommend that you style with our ColorClay Collection or Petite Ville Collection for your Eclectic home.

Modern Minimalist Interior Design

As opposed to the bright and bold Eclectic style, the Modern Minimalist interior design style is all about creating a sense of calm and harmony. Embracing neutrals such as cream, beige, greige, gray, and tan - the modern minimalist style is about choosing timelessness and serenity. These tiles can also be used to create an illusion of a larger space and hence, reflect most of the incoming light to create an airy ambiance. 

Our Persia Collection and Petite Ville Collection offers zellige tiles in lighter hues to complement modern minimalist backdrops. 

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

Many homeowners wonder if they can choose zellige tiles for modern Farmhouse style and the answer is absolutely yes! At Mineral Tiles, we offer a collection of Zellige tiles that solely cater to the Modern Farmhouse Tiles and cottage Farmhouse interior design styles. These tiles are available in the calming hues of mint green, slate blue, and whites to create an authentic Farmhouse charm in your space. Pair with matte black hardware and fixtures to best complement these zellige tiles!

Hollywood Glam Interior Design

Hollywood Glam interior design style is all about creating a bright and enchanting appeal. This style embraces the use of stark and brighter colors to make a bold and accentuating feel in the home. Yes, we offer some intriguing bolder tile hues such as bright green, teal blue, marigold yellow, and bright red. These tiles can be used on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, and foyer’s featured walls.

We’d recommend checking out Petite Ville Collection or ColorClay collection to have a look at these glazed and glamorous zellige tiles. 

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian design style is all about the theory of less is more! This style particularly embraces the hues of whites, creams, and light gray to allow ample natural light to reflect off the surface. As opposed to our bolder and darker tiles, we also offer zellige tiles in shades of whites and creams to create a monochromatic and Scandi appeal. 

Check out our Persia Collection and Modern Farmhouse Collection for Scandi-inspired tiles.

Even though zellige tiles are quite versatile, certain hues may only be used for certain design styles. But all in all, these zellige tiles can be used almost anywhere in your home without having to question the practicality, durability, and aesthetics. So, what’s your interior design style? Are you looking to style with zellige tiles in your home? Do let us know in the comments below!

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