5 Best Selling Blue Bathroom Tiles

From sky blue to midnight blue and teal blue to stormy blue - the blue bathroom tiles will always play versatile, breezy, and timeless. Whether you have a coastal interior design style or a modern farmhouse and contemporary, these blue tiles for the bathroom will always work timelessly. Homeowners and designers seem to absolutely adore the blue tiles which is why, in this article, we have showcased the 5 best-selling blue tiles that you can take utmost inspiration from.

So, it’s time that we talk about patterns, shapes, forms, prints, and much more! Have a look at these 5 best seller blue tiles and our tips and tricks to play around them!

Slide Subway Tiles

1- slide subway tiles

Looking to achieve an airy, bright, and enhanced feel in your bathroom or kitchen? Well, this glossy slide subway tile is all you need! This tile can potentially reflect the incoming natural light and make the space feel larger. To make your space appear taller, I’d recommend that you lay the wall tiles vertically to truly achieve heights.

Meanwhile, these wall tiles are quite easy to clean and easy to maintain. Choose to lay them from floor to ceiling for best results!

Dark Blue Farmhouse Wall Tile

2- dark blue wall tile

Whether you have a contemporary style or a modern minimalist, these dark blue Farmhouse tiles will never disappoint you. The uneven surface and glossy finish offer a unique appeal and an easy-to-maintain backdrop. You can either choose to create an accent with these Farmhouse tiles or lay all the walls of your bathroom in it.

It’s one of our bestsellers since it greatly offers extreme strength, durability, and eye-catching aesthetics.

Star Patterned Porcelain Tile

3- blue pattered tiles

One of the most popular blue patterned tiles, this star pattern porcelain tile can truly create an eye-catchy and intriguing backdrop. Whether kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls, this porcelain tile can best pair with white tiles on the floor. This bestseller blue tile is quite admired by homeowners, interior designers, and builders.

Moreover, this patterned tile can also make a beautiful statement in Nautical, Eclectic, and Contemporary interior design styles.

Coastal Blue Ceramic Tile

4- coastal blue ceramic tile

This bestseller blue Coastal ceramic wall tile can definitely win hearts! Taking inspiration from the lifestyle and architecture of French small towns across the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this particular tile can make a great accent. You can best pair this tile with either white, light gray, or black countertops. 

This high-quality glazed ceramic tile is quite ideal for interior applications such as bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash, shower, and feature walls. And since it is easy to clean, you truly get the best of both worlds. 

Urban Navy Picket Wall Tile

5- picket tile

Do you know what can be the cherry on top? A midnight or navy blue wall tile in a picket shape! Not only does this tile break the monotony but also adds a bold, charming, and daring feel to the wall. Available in the size of 3x12, this tile has a polished finish with a charming wavy surface. Hence, quite ideal for any wall setting! 

Yes, you must avoid this tile on floors at any cost. This is one of our top bestselling blue tiles for bathrooms and kitchen backsplash

So, are you convinced that blue is your color and your style? Well, you can even explore a ton of other blue bathroom tiles from our collection and take the utmost inspiration!

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