Moss Wall by Mineral Tiles featured on a stair wall

A perfect natural way to introduce nature indoors, living wall moss tiles are something to have an eye on. Ever since the deadly pandemic hit the world with the most unforeseen circumstances, more and more homeowners are looking to incorporate tinges of nature indoors. And just in case if you reside in city apartments and urban areas that lack substantial green cover - this particular tile type will absolutely get you an inch closer to freshness.

Bar featuring a moss wall

Whether exteriors or interiors, this living wall moss tile comprises several moss types such as sheet moss, mood moss, and reindeer moss that make a perfect statement in all the functions. And most importantly, having moss tile in the home is quite a step towards sustainability. They offer immense longevity while thriving incredibly well as a home décor element.

What are the Benefits of Living Moss Wall?




Living moss walls are gradually becoming a limelight in workspaces, homes, and other public spaces. Apart from great organic aesthetics, there are tremendous other benefits offered by this live wall. Let’s have a look!

  • Noise Reduction - Living Moss Walls have the potential to block unnecessary noise from the adjacent streets. So, in case you reside in busy urban streets - these living moss walls are a great way through it!
  • Air Quality - Undoubtedly, the living moss wall is responsible for cleaning the indoor air while offering immense health and wellness benefits. It can easily combat air pollution as the air and rain pollutants can easily cling to the surface of the moss.
  • Product of Sustainability - It is proven that the areas around the living moss wall are comparatively cooler. Thus, in summers - it helps lower down the energy costs. On the other hand, in winters, it acts as a layer of insulation that will make you feel comfortable, in and out!
  • Lower Carbon Dioxide Levels - Plants release oxygen that helps in cooling down the interiors while offering a healthy living environment. Thus, a great source to create a sense of balance in your homes!

How to Use Living Moss Wall for Home Décor?




Living moss walls are making a great statement in the interior design and home décor industry. And with these latest technologies, they have never been so attractive and functional! 

So, first and foremost, the moss wall plays a great accent in the living rooms and bedrooms. It doesn't necessarily have to be your focal wall behind the couch but a large eye-catchy wall that might be visible from all perspectives. At this time, you need to ensure that the wall doesn’t receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Another great space to make this living moss wall work would be the bathrooms! Since there is ample existing moisture in this space, the living moss will grab the particles to offer a clean and healthy environment. 


Living moss walls are an attractive and natural addition to your homes. Even though the living moss requires some maintenance, on the other hand, you would never regret owning one in your home! So, it’s time to move ahead and let that natural décor shine bright in your space. 

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