Veranda Glass Pool Tile Collection installed on a swimming pool and spa

Quirky and outstanding, the latest Veranda Iridescent Glass Pool Tile Collection is all set to offer a unique and distinctive look for your next swimming pool tile project. This particular collection stands out from the rest in exhibiting an out-of-the-box and majestic look. These are made with clear glass tiles and then coated with an iridescent tile finish to create a glossy, shiny, and visually appealing statement. The high sheen and translucent effect combines refraction that easily displays hues in the tile. So, let’s have a look at these 6 bold designs from the collection.

Cobalt Mixed Iridescent Tile

This glass tile is suitable for wet applications such as the shower, swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, and other featured areas. It is impervious to liquid and vapor and can easily resist staining, fading, and discoloration. This bold blue tone has the potential to add a focal and bold statement without grabbing too much attention.

White Iridescent Tile

If you don’t prefer to play with colors, this white iridescent tile plays phenomenally well. This 6x6 tile can be used for wet applications in the swimming pool, shower areas, jacuzzi, and outdoor saunas. Using this color for the tile will eventually create an illusion of a larger space and an enhanced aura. This tile will also help refract enough natural light to make your space feel well-lit at all times. Don’t forget to observe the tints of hues protruding!

Turquoise Iridescent Tile

Mimicking the hue of the waters itself, the turquoise iridescent tile is quite a popular option for the swimming pool, shower areas, jacuzzi, spa, and featured walls. This tile can also be used for kitchen and bathroom backsplash while exhibiting that quirky and eye-catchy backdrop. They’re available in 6x6 size and can absolutely play seamlessly in the wider or narrower spaces. 

Veranda Gray Iridescent Tile

Another exotic tone from the collection, Veranda Gray tiles tend to make a bold and contrasting appeal - when paired with lighter paints on the wall. This authentic tile is impervious to liquid and vapor while assuredly resisting fading and staining. Moreover, they’re easy to install and can very easily create a unique and desirable look.

Green Iridescent Tile

This is considered as one of the most popular hues used for outdoor applications such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, fountain, and shower wall. Since the tone perfectly mimics the waters of the Gulf and the Ocean, it can somehow create a more soothing and pleasing look outdoors. Also, you need to be rest assured about the strength and durability of the product.

Mixed White Iridescent Tile

Unlike the former white tiles, this particular type showcases a French pattern that can create a dynamic appeal on the walls. With a clean and crisp backdrop, the tile will help exhibit a sense of openness without stealing too much attention. This tile is also not subjected to fading or discoloration - hence, worthy of investment!

Summing It Up

Our latest veranda glass tile collection offers you a wide array of hues and styles. Hence, regardless of the exterior design style or preference - you’re bound to easily find the best one to use in your home. They’re strong, durable, absolutely appealing, and versatile. So, let us know your thoughts on this collection in the comments below! 

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