Glass Mosaic Tiles for Swimming Pools: Knowing your Options-Mineral Tiles

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, large or small, a swimming pool or even just a small Jacuzzi for 4 people will create a significant impact on your life. It offers a quiet escape where you can relax, exercise or entertain guests and the family. However, if you truly want a place that enhances the atmosphere of your home and quality of your life, you’ll also have to look at the style and look of your swimming pool, starting with the pool tiles. After all, who would want to swim in a pool that’s lined with plain old cement? This is where tile work comes in.

A Look at Glass Mosaic Tiles

When it comes to price, looks, and functionality, glass mosaic titles are considered as one of the most practical choices for lining your swimming pool and its surroundings. Interestingly enough, glass mosaic tiles were limited to pool owners who had the money to pay for them. In fact, it was nearly unheard of for glass mosaic tiles to be used in swimming pools with a 6-foot and above the water line. With a cost of about US$20 per square foot, mosaic tiles were indeed expensive next to choices that are more practical.

Fortunately, the exclusiveness of glass mosaic tiles has changed today, thanks to the increased demand for glass materials. Furthermore, many manufacturers of glass have developed new technologies that allow them to recycle old glass from broken beverage bottles and car windshields, resulting in the creation of incredibly beautiful glass mosaic tiles at very affordable prices—now at US$5.00 for every square foot of tile. It gives the glass tiles a unique appeal, especially during these more environment-conscious times.

Use your Imagination

With the dramatic drop in glass prices, it’s not surprising why more and more pool owners are wrapping their swimming pools with glass mosaic tiles, creating a soft, sea-like effect reminiscent of the ocean’s blue waters. With glass mosaics, the possibilities for swimming pool designs are nearly endless—your imagination can run free as you choose from a broad palette range of colors. You have the option of either creating your own glass tile mosaics for your pool or spa or having a designer to come in and create a design based on your ideas. Some pool owners typically incorporate designs that speak of life in the ocean, while others even have their names placed at the bottom of the pool.

Pools naturally have a refreshing appeal to people, but it’s important to understand that you can control the look and color of your pool just by choosing the right tiles. Glass tiles with a tinge of blue, for instance, give the pool an extra blue or turquoise color, giving it a dazzling, lagoon-like effect. But your options don’t have to stop there, as you can even play around with color blue itself. A lighter blue tile is pleasant to the eyes, similar to the sandy waters closer to the beach. Darker glass mosaic tiles give a more mysterious effect. The choice is entirely up to you, so be sure to consult your pool builder to be guided on what tile options you have and how to lay them.

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