6 Kitchen Backsplash Tiles To Pair With Black Cabinets

The bold and dramatic, moody and enchanting - black kitchen cabinets are the newest in town and just so admirable and strong. Most of the interior design styles such as Scandinavian, Transitional, and Classic Modern tend to embrace the ‘black’ hue on the upper and lower cabinets or the kitchen island table. When it comes to picking the best backsplash tile with black cabinets - the choices are truly endless.

From beige to gray, blue to green, and off-white to white - feel free to choose any color for the backsplash tile you’d like. Moreover, you can style in metallic tints of chrome, satin brass, brushed nickel, or copper. So, are you excited about some black cabinet and backsplash tile combinations? 

Teal Blue Backsplash Tile

1- teal blue backsplash tiles

Teal blue is a classic backsplash tile option for black kitchen cabinets. So, if you embrace a retro, maximalist, or eccentric style for your kitchen - it’s time to have an eye on these teal blue picket tiles. However, note that this combination must be used in a space that is considerably larger.

Gray Backsplash Tile

2- gray backsplash tile

Black and gray go hand-in-hand! And especially for the kitchen or bathroom, you can definitely use a combination of black cabinets and gray backsplash tile. So, if you’re fond of a monochromatic vibe in your space - you can choose to further style with chrome or matte black hardware and pull handles.

White Backsplash Tile

3- white backsplash tiles

Whenever in doubt - choose the white backsplash tile to go with black kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This palette will not only allow an airy vibe indoors but also help the cabinets play a dominant role. Ensure to choose a glossy surface that will further reflect away the incoming light.

Distressed Blue & Rust Backsplash Tile

4- distressed blue and rust

Do you have an admiration for the rustic or industrial interior design style? Well, if ‘distressed’ and ‘unfinished’ surfaces are what appeals the most to you - pick this blue and rust backsplash tile to go! The overall combination is definitely moody and dramatic!

Penny Rose Gold Backsplash Tile

5- rose gold backsplash tile

With your black cabinets, add the penny round rose gold backsplash tile to make a beautiful and timeless statement. Ideally, this palette must be used for larger bathrooms and kitchens and should be paired with matte black or copper hardware.

Beige Backsplash Tile

6- beige backsplash tile

For interior design styles such as transitional, modern farmhouse, traditional, Scandinavian, and mid-century modern - choose beige backsplash tiles to go with black cabinets. Pair with chrome, matte black, or satin brass fixtures and add exposed wooden textures on the floating shelves. 

You must definitely consider the style, size, and compass directions of your kitchen to pick the best backsplash tile color to go! Choosing lighter colors is ideal since they will create a sense of balance with the bold and dark, upper and lower cabinets. So, which kitchen backsplash tile color intrigued you the most? Well, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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