5 Kitchen Backsplash Tiles To Pair With Blue Cabinets

With the ongoing trends in the interior design industry, blue cabinets are emerging as a classic symbol of luxury and sophistication. Navy blue, sea blue, minty blue, charcoal blue, midnight blue, teal blue, or slate blue - and the options still don’t end! With this curiosity, choosing the best backsplash tiles to go with blue cabinets is even more fun yet challenging! It all depends upon your personal design style, preferences, the size of your kitchen, and the vibe you’re aiming to create.

A no-fail solution is definitely white backsplash tiles. However, you can even experiment with tones of pink, plum, gray, and several multicolored patterns to go! Excited to catch an eye on some of these intriguing backsplash tiles to go with your blue cabinets? Well, have a look at the list below!

White Backsplash Tile

1- white backsplash tiles

A no-fail solution, quite timeless and versatile - pick the white backsplash tiles to go with blue kitchen cabinets. Ideally, this is one of the best color options to go since it will also help your blue cabinets protrude and yet create an airy vibe in the room. You can either choose glossy or matte, subway or picket tiles to go with blue cabinets.

Pink Backsplash Tile

2- pink backsplash tiles

Looking to create a quirky and eccentric statement in your kitchen? Well, choose the pink backsplash tiles to go with blue cabinets! This fun, eye-catchy, and playful combination can be further paired with rose gold or satin brass hardware and pull handles. Don’t forget to observe how beautiful the herringbone pattern looks!

Plum Backsplash Tile

3- Plum backsplash tiles

Especially if you’re looking to choose a backsplash tile color for your navy blue cabinets - don't shy from the shades of plum. This fun-loving and quirky combination is comparatively bold and dominating - yet, adding visual stimulation to the room. Pair with rose gold or chrome and style in a herringbone or chevron pattern for the best results! 

Patterned Backsplash Tile

4- patterned backsplash tile

Solids or patterns? Now that we’ve discussed a couple of solid colors, it’s time to have an eye on a patterned backsplash tile to go with blue cabinets. This starry blue, peach, and gray tile can beautifully create an accent on your kitchen or bathroom walls. However, ensure to limit the use of this tile for the best results! 

Beige Backsplash Tile

5- beige backsplash tile

Fond of the lighter colors for the backsplash tile but not white? Well, this off-white or light beige backsplash tile is your solution! It surely doesn’t steal the attention of your blue cabinets and can make a beautifully subtle option as a backdrop. Especially if a ‘warm’ vibe is what you’re craving - choose this City Distressed Subway tile to go!

At Mineral Tiles, we offer a wide array of tile options in various colors, textures, finishes, sizes, materials, and shapes to help you pick the best option. So, you’re simply not just restricted to the above-mentioned tile options and can simply explore more on our website. In case of any questions or doubts - do reach out to us and one of our professionals will be in touch with you! 

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