4 Reasons To Use Tiles In Your Hallway

They say the first impression is the last! Negating the idea of ‘neglecting’ the hallways and rather considering it as an ‘important’ space will further pave the way for functionality. It’s true that the hallways are one of the most forgotten spaces in a home and yet, one of the most functional and practical. This dedicated space is where you take off your shoes, hang your coats, and walk through the outdoors multiple times, all day long.

So, are tiles in the hallway a remarkable idea? Well, definitely yes! In this article, we will discuss the 4 reasons why you should use tiles in your hallway and how they can benefit you in each possible way.

Easy Maintenance

Foyer Pattern Porcelain Tiles


Majorly prone to attracting dust, dirt, and stains from outdoors and shoes, the floor covering in your hallway demands easy care and easy maintenance. And what's a better option than the tiles itself, right? All you need is a simple mop with warm water when the muddy footprints occur and you’re good to go! Now here’s where wall-to-wall carpeting is a big no-no since that will make your entryway look dirty while making it extremely difficult to clean. Instead, using a porcelain floor tile will make the maintenance job a lot easier!

Durable and Hard-Wearing

Foyer Wall Tile


Hallways are high-traffic areas of your home where tiles are the most ideal option. Generally, porcelain tiles can make a brilliantly durable option that is quite resistant to wear and tear and chip and scratch. They’re bound to last longer than required and hence, you wouldn’t have to update this floor covering every couple of coming years. We, at Mineral Tiles, offer a wide array of floor tile options in various designs and finishes to complement your hallway and entryway.

Available Finishes

Porcelain Tile Italian Ceramist Deco Three 36x36

With tiles, you have the opportunity to style with endless options for finishes and textures. From glossy to textured and smooth to matte - we, at Mineral Tiles, have a number of tile finish options available for you. Generally, it’s recommended to pick floor tiles with anti-slip characteristics in this high-traffic area of your home. Since your shoes can easily attract wet mud and stains as you walk in, the chances of slipping or sliding would simply be lesser with low gloss tile finishes

Opportunity to Make a Statement

Porcelain Tile Italian Ceramist Deco One 36x36

Most homes have smaller entryway spaces and this is the time to showcase utmost creativity and charm. When looking to make a statement in this tiny space, tiles are one of the best options to infuse color, pattern, and a sense of vibrancy. We offer a wide array of encaustic tiles (florals, Moroccan, geometrical) for you to make a dominant statement with! On the other hand, if you’re particularly intrigued by the idea of a neutral hallway, you can eye our most famous beige/greige/white/gray tile options to choose from! Whether you have a Victorian style or Mid-Century modern - we’ve got you all covered! Tiles have the power to play versatile and blend seamlessly with one and every design style.

Aesthetics are important but don’t forget to consider the aspects of durability and low maintenance. With the right kind of floor tiles, you will simply longer the entryway life and make it even more welcoming to come back home to! 

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