3 Different Types of Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is hard, sturdy, and comparatively a stronger and better option than flexible core luxury vinyl flooring. It’s an improved version that holds an upper hand over the other flooring types. Unlike the flexible vinyl plank flooring, this can further be subcategorized into three major types which are specialized to offer an additional hardened core layer for extra strength benefits. This could be stone, wood, or vinyl itself! So, let’s dive deeper to understand these three varying typologies!

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC)


This flooring type is a slightly updated version of flexible luxury vinyl. In terms of durability and comfort, the stone polymer composite holds an upper hand and can offer the utmost toughness and sturdiness. Since this is a stone-infused core, it’s highly resistant to wear and tear and other accidental dangers. 

This option is comparatively more affordable and can be used for budget-friendly projects. The density and rigidness of the flooring make the surface feel colder easily - hence, something to keep in mind when using in home improvement projects.

Moreover, this flooring method is DIY-friendly! Yes, it can be easily installed using a tongue and groove interlocking system. And since it has a 100% waterproof core, it makes a much more durable option as compared to the others. You can consider the application of this flooring in the basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial zones.

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC)

Aspen Ridge LPV Plank

This rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is composed of a wood polymer that is readily natural-feeling and super comfortable to walk on. And since it’s organic, it will always add a natural feel to your room. Just like real hardwood, this polymer composite is durable (lesser than SPC), strong, and simultaneously quite bouncy and soft.

The wood polymer composite is slightly more expensive than stone polymer composite and equally cheaper than real stone and wood. Hence, a major win-win situation! It is comparatively less dense which makes a great option for bedrooms and living rooms. And since it feels quite warm, this flooring is a great way to add the cozy factor indoors.

WPC features a waterproof core that can be quite functional and comfortable. Furthermore, this polymer composite will blend with most of your interior design styles such as modern farmhouse, traditional, bohemian, and industrial or rustic.

Hardened Vinyl


This vinyl piece is an improved version of flexible core luxury vinyl flooring. But only slightly! Well, the major difference here is the fact that this version of vinyl flooring is comparatively denser at the core where vinyl is situated. When you compare this flooring with the above-mentioned, it’s a given that hardened vinyl is slightly less durable and less comfortable. 

So, if you’re in need of flooring that is durable - choose SPC. Affordable, choose SPC. Comfortable, choose WPC! And easier to install, WPC and SPC! So, is it easier to pick the best luxury vinyl flooring for your home? Well, do let me know in the comments below! 

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