Get creative and add a unique accent to your kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower wall, featured wall, and fireplace with Waterjet Tiles. These tiles give your space a marvelous and one-of-a-kind design with its interesting shapes and patterns.

Unlike regular tiles, Waterjet Tiles are cut using a water jet technology. This cutting method allows easier processing of glass, stones and other materials with varying transparency, density, and shape. Manufacturers can then cut them into different shapes like flowers, lanterns, diamonds, and many more. With this method, it’s not only possible to cut the material into various shapes but also sheet cut with the waterjet, enabling manufacturers to produce tiles of different sizes.

Our Waterjet Tiles are made with glass, natural stones, or a combination of both. The tiles vary in size and chip-size, so finding the right tiles to fit your space is easy. The unique designs and patterns will make your project easily stand out, creating that perfect accent.