Wondering what you need to accomplish your DIY backsplash project? This is the place to start at. Here you will find pre-mixed grout, peel & stick self-adhesive tile mat, grout float, sponge, spacers, utility blade and tones of advices. 

1) Measure the area of your backsplash.
2) Select the desired tile - a good way to start is by choosing the tile color.
3) Consider using the DIY Backsplash Kit - There are many colors available to choose from.
4) Have a tile in mind that is not available as peel & stick? Consider using the Peel & Stick Adhesive Tile Set Roll. It can be used to install almost every type of tile regards the thickness or finish.
5) Order sample swatches before committing the final quantity.
6) Play with the samples by putting them against your countertop, and cabinets.
7) Once decided which one you like better, order it online and save money with taxes and free shipping.
8) After receiving your tiles, follow the installation instructions and enjoy your new room.
9) Is it going around electrical outlets and other obstacles blocking you from doing your own backsplash? Check our "How to Install Mosaic Tiles Around Electrical Outlets" graphic and written guide.
10) If you like DIY home improvement, pay a visit to the DIY Network website. There you will find lots of helpful information.