Tile Trims and Edging help give your tiles a finished and clean look. Many often overlook trims and edgings when installing tiles. However, these play an essential role in the final look of a project.

Tile edging trim can be used for edges of a recessed niche, edges of a curb, edges of a bench or the edges of sides of the walls with unfinished cut porcelain or ceramic. Having a tile frame or trim also helps make the tiles more comfortable to install and stay in place.

It’s desirable to add trims and edgings to your tile project since they soften the raw edges of tile walls and floors. Trims also give a stylish accent and a better overall finish. Edging can be utilized as a design feature of a project. Contrasting tile edging can act as frames for a beautiful tile work in the bathroom or kitchen area. Accent tiles and borders of different sizes, colors, and textures also add life to installations.

We offer trims and edging made from Ceramic, Glass and Natural Stone in many patterns that will cater to any tile project.