Did you know that glass mosaic tiles have been used on swimming pools for over 20 years in South America and Europe? 

With the exception of some luxury hotels, swimming pools in United States don't usually have glass mosaic tile as their main covering material. Generally glass tiles are used to decorate the pool as a water line with its height not exceeding six inches.

Well, that is changing due to a decrease in prices for glass tiles as well as the demystification of glass not being a suitable material for pools. In fact not all glass tiles are good for pools, but many are. Even if you are looking to cover a stair or the outside area of a pool, you may use an anti-slip glass mosaic tile. So when shopping for glass mosaic tiles, look at the specification sheet from the manufacturer or distributor to make sure it can be used in a swimming pool.

All of our tiles listed on this page are suitable for swimming pools. You may also check our to the trade portal where you can find glass swimming pool tiles.

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