Using split face tiles and ledger stone to create featured wall, fireplace surrounds, swimming pool waterfall, Jacuzzis and more
If you want an eye-catching wall, you should explore split-face ledger stones and tiles. The unique cut of the split-face gives you a three-dimensional appearance without creating any sort of obstacles in terms of daily movement. By using split-face tiles and ledger stones, you can create a featured wall without a ton of fuss or extra work.

Natural Stone

If you prefer an earthier look or more natural materials but still want a three-dimensional appearance, natural stone might work for you. Natural stone tiles may include glass and other naturally occurring materials.
You will find a variety of colors and patterns available in natural stone. Colors include blues, whites, browns and mosaic combinations. Blend tiles have colors that naturally move into each other.
When you`re looking at natural stone tiles, you`ll notice the different cut styles. Small squares, brick-style and rectangles are common. As you`re designing your feature wall, try to imagine the different cuts in the place you want the stone to go. The cut pattern should flatter the surrounding decorations and installations. Avoid cut styles that will clash with other items in the install area.
Always follow the installation and care instructions for the type of tile or stone you buy. If you use the wrong cleaning liquids or methods on glass tile, for example, you can scratch the glass or disfigure the surface permanently.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles feature different hues of glass tile on a mesh-mounted or otherwise supported back. Three-dimensional mosaic tiles often come in a cascade of coordinating colors, such as darks and lights, or various shades of the same color, such as brown, tan and medium brown mix. Glass mosaic tiles may also feature a distinct alternating or otherwise coordinating shape pattern for a unique look.
If you`re using split-face mosaic tiles to create a featured wall, make sure you pick a pattern and color scheme that complements your room`s look or fits into your overall design plans. Use care when installing glass tiles to prevent chips and breaks. Glass tile is durable once it`s in place, but the stones are vulnerable without proper mounting.

Aluminum Tiles

Aluminum tiles offer durability and a sleek, finished look to your room. These types of tiles are a recent addition to the United States market but are finding popularity as an alternative to traditional stainless steel backsplashes.
The physical properties of aluminum make it easy to create a three-dimensional look. The three-dimensional tiles come in different colors and in a mosaic style. If you want a clean look with a little style, aluminum tiles might fit the bill. With three-dimensional aluminum tiles, you can give a warm feeling to the room, as the edges soften the material`s look.
If you decide to go with three-dimensional aluminum tiles, don`t forget to play with the lighting in your room after installation. The naturally reflective properties of the tile`s surface can add flair to your room`s look with proper illumination.
Getting design ideas is a good start for your next project. You may see pictures of split face tiles installed at houzz.
Don`t forget to match your door hardware and fixtures to your tile for a complete room look. Hardware stores, such as Ironmongery Direct, offer a full selection of door hardware for you to compare.