What do Moroccan and Talavera tiles have in common? Despite the fact Morocco and Spain are located on different continents, they share they same artistic style when it comes to hand-painted tiles. These milky-white glaze tiles – an influence of the Moorish culture, are also known as “Talavera Tiles”, after the Spanish ceramic centre of Talavera de la Reina in Castilla de la Mancha, located in northern Spain.

Like anything else that is hand-made, these artesian tiles have a high price tag, which shouldn’t be different given the fact that you are actually buying an artwork, and its creator artist needs to be rewarded for his time, talent, and inspiration.

These ceramic tiles have brilliant colorful combinations that have caught the eyes of many architects and interior designers worldwide as they create residential and commercial spaces where a vintage style is specified. However, more often we’re seeing these tiles being creatively used on contemporary spaces as well.

If you wish to decorate your kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower, floor or walls, on a budget, we have good news! Today’s technology allows many manufacturers, especially Spanish, to reproduce these beautiful artesian designs at much more affordable prices.