Mirror tiles are versatile, elegant, and upscale. Mirrored glass and metal tiles can be used as accent tiles on a variety of home decor styles such as vintage, contemporary or even ultra modern. Made of glass or stainless steel, these mirrored tiles are suitable for residential as well as commercial spaces: kitchen backsplash, shower walls, bar, restaurant, spa, bathroom, and feature wall just to name some applications. They can go pretty much on any vertical indoor surface.

Can I install mirror glass tiles on a shower or swimming pool?
Mirror glass mosaic tiles are not resistant to alkali and water. Keep it away from acid, alkali, and water.

How to cut mirror glass tiles?
You may use a wheeled score and snap tile tool or a tile wet-saw with a diamond blade.

What type of adhesive should I use to install mirrored glass tiles?
Mirrored glass tiles must be installed be with CRL Gunther Extra/Build Mirror Mastic or equivalent. Solvent glues or construction and generic adhesives must be avoided.

Do mirrored glass tiles have to be grouted?
Our mirror glass tiles come mesh mounted for an easy installation, therefore it already comes with grout joint/space. However, you may easily remove the individual tiles from the mesh and install them close to each other and without grout. Since the tiles are silver and reflective, we recommend using a clear/translucent grout.

Do I need a special trim piece to finish the edges of a backsplash or other walls?
No. You may finish the edges by:

1) Applying grout or a paintable caulk on the exposed side of the glass tile’s edge, let it dry, and then paint it with the same color of your wall.
2) You may also use Schluter Tile Profiles, which can be purchased at your local home improvement store.