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Living Wall Moss Tile Sage 16x24

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The Living Wall Moss Tile Sage is a contemporary and classy way to bring a touch of nature indoors by creating unique interior design surfaces. Used on walls, it adds an impressive dimension to public and private interior spaces. Below is a summary of the advantages of the Living Wall Moss Tile:

  • Maintenance-free (As long as air humidity is around 40%. If lower than that, you may spray a fine water mist on it)
  • Flame-retarding
  • Sound-absorbing,
  • Interior surface product that also acts as an indicator of good air humidity.

Also, the Living Wall Moss Tile is lightweight and extremely easy to install seamlessly even on large surfaces. The fastener hook tape installation method offers limitless possibilities for variation. The position of the product can be changed quickly. It is effortless to vary the design with different-colored Flex Elements and by rearranging them in different color orders. The element’s flexible qualities make it ideal for use on curved surfaces, too. Cutting different patterns and shapes is easy and enhances the unique application possibilities of the design. This material is sold by the sheet, which covers 2.67 sq. ft. 

Our Living Wall Moss Tile is made of Reindeer moss. Reindeer moss is a greyish-colored lichen that forms large mats over the ground in boreal and arctic regions around the circumpolar north. It grows on the surface of bare soil or gravel in the enchanting wild nature of northern forests. This lichen cannot be cultivated in any form.

This symbiosis of fungus and algae absorbs moisture from the humid air. It stands with its roots on the surface of the ground and takes its nutrients straight from the air. Reindeer moss is an important indicator of air purity. Air pollutants are a threat to it.

Moss reacts inherently to changes in air humidity. When the air is dry, moss becomes dry and brittle, requiring cautious handling. If the air is humid, moss becomes soft and resilient, withstanding almost any kind of handling.

The beauty of reindeer moss lies in its multidimensional structure and round-shaped .We care for the environment in which we operate. Reindeer moss is only handpicked; we always leave the forest well cared for. We make sure the moss has enough time to rest and grow between harvests. The same picking area can be used at intervals of 5-10 years. New pickers always receive training upon joining our picking team. 

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Products Specs

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