Using glass tile is an easy and fast way to make a big change in your kitchen or bathroom backsplash without spending thousands of dollars. You may do it yourself or hire a contractor.

Glass tiles are available in form of mosaics, subway, and field tiles. The most used are glass mosaic tile and subway glass tile. Glass mosaic tiles come on mesh-backed or dot mounted sheets that usually measures from 12"x12" to 13"x13" for an easy installation.

Some glass mosaic tiles may be mounted on clear-faced or paper-faced sheets, especially if they are translucent. Translucent or clear glass tiles are made of transparent glass. It may be colored, however, you are still able to see thru it. That is the reason they are not mesh-backed, otherwise, you would see the mesh thru the glass after installed.

The most common applications for glass tiles are Kitchen backsplash, bathroom, shower floor and walls, however, it is becoming more often using glass tiles on swimming pool , and featured wall.

Learn how to install glass tile.