Trending Pool Tiles for 2022

As we dive into the summer of 2022, it is the best time to rethink the pool and outdoor spaces. Whether you are planning to refurbish an existing pool or building a brand new one, choosing a perfect tile can be quite a task. So, let’s have a look at these top trending pool tiles you must have your eyes on!

Mosaic Tiles

Bring vision and life to your old-school pool by incorporating these mosaic tiles that perfectly exhibit a stunning backdrop. Captivating the hues of dark and light blues, these custom tiles have the potential to create an illusion of a deeper and brighter pool. 

Pool Waterfall covered with blue glass mosaic tiles


Furthermore, you can always play with the monochromatic color contrasts and the overall scale of your pool by creatively positioning these tiles! Not to forget, it is a great way to make your pool look unique and quite distinctive!

Blue Blend Glass Mosaic Tiles installed on a saltwater pool

 Exploring black Iridescent Glass Tiles on dark swimming pools and spas for creating a contrast and modern backyard.

Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile in black

Glass Pool Tiles 6x6

Glass Pool Tile Turquoise 6x6

What before was exclusively made with porcelain in an old style and vintage designes such as Roman-style pools, it is now available in glass and modern designs. The 6x6 format is a no-brainer for creating a swimming pool waterline. It comes in glossy and matte finishes, textured and smooth, and in many different colors.

6x6 Glass Tile Textured
Glossy Finish Textured Glass Tile 6x6

Recycled Glass Tiles

Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors - this easy-to-clean option is also one of the most efficient and sustainable. Composed of recycled glass, you also have the opportunity to choose various intriguing textures like polished, matte, and iridescent to define a certain character of the pool.

Recycled Glass Tiles in a swimming pool

Further adding depth and dynamism, glass mosaic tiles will introduce a sense of extraordinary beauty to your pools while reflecting and mimicking the real-time movement of water. It will definitely entice your guests in taking a jump!

Two tones of blue recycled glass tiles blended in a swimming pool

Decorative Motifs

Blue crab tile on a swimming pool

Decorative motifs and printed tiles are quite a trend - and especially as the summer of 2022 kicks in, it is comparatively becoming more popular. Adding an authentic charm and character to the pool, you can absolutely choose a boutique theme for this outdoor entertainment.

Dolphin swimmers tiles on a swimming pool

Whether it is the playful dolphins, turtles, traditional or contemporary medallions, or the cheerful mermaids - these unique themes can definitely exhibit a whimsical and fun-loving vibe!

Traditional Touch 

Feel vintage and classical in your pool by tossing a decorative border that adds heritage beauty to your outdoors. Accenting the waterline with a contrasting hue will incorporate a refreshing yet traditional vibe.

Greek Style Pool Waterline


Greek Style Glass Pool Tiles

Traditional Greek Pool Waterline Tiles

Talking dimensions, you can specify a 6-inch strip of tile running across the perimeter of the pool that rather creates a flabbergasting experience. 

Dream Custom Tile

Herringbone swimming pool tiles are an easy way to create an impressive swimming space

Customization is the new cool! And especially when it comes to pool tiles - you can play absolute drama and contrast. So, majorly, there are various shapes and sizes to coordinate here. From crisp and trendy herringbone patterns to mix and match sleek geometric tiles, you can always add an intriguing pop of color.

Trending Pool Tiles for 2022

Secondly, another interesting shape that can be accommodated is the hexagon. Typically, it is best to install this tile throughout the surface to create a seamless backdrop. Furthermore, you also have the option to pop personality through the gemstone, pebble, and irregular tile shapes.

Porcelain Tiles

Durable, frost-proof by nature, easy to work with, and preferred choice by many professional installers, there are many reasons to choose a porcelain tile for your next pool project. Besides the technical advantage cited above, porcelain tiles are available in many colors, textures, and sizes. From minimalistic and European look to coral reef colored style, these pool tiles have been in the market for too long with great records to be passed. 

Traditional Coral Reef Style Porcelain Pool Tiles 

Turquoise Porcelain Pool Tile 6x6
Painted Waters Porcelain Pool Tile 6x6
Blue Textured Porcelain Pool Tile 6x6

European Style Porcelain Pool Tiles

European Style Porcelain Pool Tiles
European Style Blue Porcelain Pool Tile

Summing Up

2022 is the year for experimentation and creativity. Now that we have discussed these various trending pool tiles, are you excited to incorporate any? Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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