City Distressed Subway Tile installed in herringbone pattern on a contemporary kitchen backsplash

Welcoming our latest tile collection - City Porcelain Distressed tiles are all about creating a subdued, muted, and antique appealing atmosphere in your home. They come in two major finishes - matte and gloss to suit the various functions, requirements, and needs for each individual function of the home. Well, distressed-looking tiles will never go out of style! So, you never have to worry about the outdated looks and renovations in the coming year! Excited to have a look at some intriguing examples? Well, take a look below.

City Distressed Light Gray Glossy

Suitable for the wall as well as floor applications, these distressed light gray glossy tiles have quite a timeless and versatile appeal. Ideal for kitchen backsplash, swimming pool, fireplace surround, and bathroom walls - this tile collection is definitely something to have an eye on!

And since it has a glossy texture, you can even consider the application on the feature walls of your home. This high-quality porcelain tile is frost-proof and quite easy to clean!

City Distressed Blue Glossy

If the distressed white tiles are too old-school for you, it’s time to consider the blue glossy tiles that play quite fun-loving, cheerful, and quirky. These tiles can play a great accent on the feature wall and can further be complemented by tones of green, mustard, and warm white for a touch of visual interest. 

Whether you have a traditional-style design or contemporary, eclectic, or modern - this tile collection will truly play one for all.

City Distressed Blue Matte

The blue matte finish tile from the City Distressed collection is quite ideal for the wet areas like swimming pools, shower areas, and kitchen floors. It looks antique and distressed - which is why you can best use these tiles on the feature walls, fireplace surroundings, and even the kitchen backsplash. Undeniably, this tile tends to add a statement of color and character to your room.

Secondly, this tile is quite versatile and can be used in the modern farmhouse, contemporary, traditional, as well as industrial style backdrops.

City Distressed White Matte

This distressed-looking porcelain tile has a timeless and versatile appeal to it. Yes, regardless of the interior design style - these tiles can beautifully make a subtle and subdued statement in your home. And since they have a smooth matte finish, the white color tends to reflect natural light and create an illusion of a larger space.

You can use these tiles in the bathroom shower areas, kitchen backsplash, and living room feature walls.

City Distressed Ivory Glossy

Lastly, this is one distressed ivory-hued glossy tile that can make a fundamental statement in any corner of your home. It creates a subway-style look that will never go out of trend and is simultaneously easy to clean and maintain. 

Whether it’s the contemporary style or traditional, transitional, modern, or mid-century - these tiles will truly never disappoint you! Moreover, this tile can also be used to create an illusion of a larger space. So, if you’re stuck with small square footage issues, this tile is your answer.

Summing It Up

The City Porcelain Distressed Tile Collection has the potential to spark joy, character, and quirkiness in any space. And since it’s also equipped with quarter-round trim pieces - you truly get one for all here! So, if you like any tile in particular - do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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