4 Best Green Tile Ideas For Your Home

Whether you want to truly follow the ‘Go Green’ trend or simply mimic one, there are various ways to feel closer to nature! In your homes, one of the best ways to incorporate a serene and soothing vibe is by simply introducing the hues of green. Let’s say, paint colors tend to transform the overall vibe of your home but tiles are equally a great way to add depth and dimension. So, here is a list of our top 4 hand-picked green tiles for your home!

Serene Green Tiles

4 Best Green Tile Ideas For Your Home

With a smooth finish and an incredibly timeless appeal, this Sea Salt Ceramic Wall Tile is all set to bring a refreshing and calming vibe indoors. Whether it’s the bathroom walls or the kitchen backsplash, this high-quality ceramic wall tile can make a wonderful statement with an off-white base, wooden textures, and black accents. 

The Serene Green tiles are versatile and will work for country-style, modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, and Coastal interior design styles. You can also best choose brown grout for a sense of texture or an off-white for a seamless look. 

Modern Patterned Green Tiles

4 Best Green Tile Ideas For Your Home

Bored of solid hues and looking to incorporate a sense of visual interest? Well, you must have a look at the latest Patterned Porcelain Tile Collection that can add the utmost depth and character to your space. This green tile can be used for both floors as well as wall applications like kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower area, and living room accents walls. 

The impervious characteristics of these tiles allow their flexible application in dry as well as wet areas without the concerns of discoloration, fading, or staining. 

Slide Teal Matte Hexagon Tiles

4 Best Green Tile Ideas For Your Home

Not specifically green but this eye-catchy and quirky piece of Slide Matte Hexagon tile is teal green. It has the potential to create a perfect sense of contrast and pattern - whether used on the floor or the walls. This hexagonal tile will play a phenomenal role when used on the kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower areas, and accent areas of your common spaces, entryways, or patios.

You must use a light gray-colored grout to make the shape and form of these tiles further protrude out. And lastly, don’t forget this high-quality porcelain tile can easily complement most of your design styles. 

City Distressed Subway Tile Emerald

4 Best Green Tile Ideas For Your Home

Looking to make a bold and dramatic statement with a touch of green in your home? Well, don’t hold back from these City Distressed Subway Tiles that play an eye-catching accent when used on the floors as well as walls. Whether it’s the kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower area, living room accent walls, or bedroom focal walls - these green tiles are also bound to make the room feel a little more luxe and elegant.

Hence, it’s ideal to choose dark gray grout for a perfectly seamless and versatile look. Moreover, you can also place these tiles vertically or horizontally for an added sense of depth and dimension.

Green tiles call for versatility - and these above-mentioned 4 design ideas have definitely proved how! So, are you excited to start decorating with the green tiles in your home?

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